Kinect Round-Up

So now that Kinect’s actually out there officially, rather than as a slightly too early USA Today article, what is there actually to see? Well to be honest not a whole lot that we didn’t see in the USA Today article. Microsoft confirmed the games that were already listed in the USA Today article, announced that video chat and showed off what the final hardware looks like.

Sadly that’s pretty much all that happened at the event, when an article that is as detailed as USA Today’s accidentally goes live a few hours early there’s not a lot left to cover once the official unveil has been made. The video chat announcement isn’t exactly surprising as the previous Xbox Live Vision camera allowed for video chat already.


The only real update I can see with using the Kinect camera for video chat is possibly a higher quality image in terms of resolution and frame rate.

Well… that’s pretty much it really. If anyone is actually interested in Microsoft’s frankly bizarre choice of attendee dress code for the event, white ponchos with large shoulder pads, it seems that the shoulder pads flashed green like an Xbox controller being turned on. Seems a little elaborate for a throw away gimmick to be honest.

Kinect’s final hardware.

Sources: Kotaku, Felicia Day



  1. wow, flashy shoulders!!
    I was playing eyepet with my nephews the other day and only just realised that the PSEye camera isn’t the best quality, I wonder will Sony release one with better resolution sometime in the future as well?

    • Yeah, its rubbish at recognising movement, like unusably bad.

      With the addition of the glowing balls on the end of a stick though it seems to work fine, so I can’t see them launching a new camera… if they do I’ll be mad as they haven’t even supported the camera I bought like they said they would

  2. Sorry, I keep thinking Eyetoy Kinetic.

    • Yeah that was my first thought too…

  3. “a throw away gimmick” or the clothing you’ll need to wear so the Kinect can actually detect more than one player in a room

    • Well I’m gonna guess gimmick, as people took them off during hands on sections. :P

    • I was thinking the same thing. One of the journalists probably had a cock stencilled on his t-shirt and MS didn’t want to take any risks when it accidentally starts up a porn film on stage.

    • It’s part of the Cirque du Soleil show apparently

  4. Kotaku have another pic of kinect from the side..

    Does that look like a grille on the side?…. for a fan possibly..? ;)

    • Was considering posting that as well. It does show the size of it quite nicely. I think the grill if possibly a microphone.

      • I know, i’m just being naughty :b

    • That’s a funny article title cos my first thought was how much deeper it is than I imagined :/

      • I’m thinking somewhere around 2/3 the size of the ps3 bluray remote

  5. It all looks very uninspiring so far – £130 for a higher res webcam and some Wii/EyeToy style mini-games to play on it. Maybe they’re saving the real surprise killer-app for the proper press conference tonight, otherwise it looks like they’ll be relying entirely on a flashy and obscenely expensive blanket advertising campaign and bored Wii owners looking for something new to do with the family on Xmas day…

    • They did mention that the main conference would be more impressive. Presumably we’ll see some proper games announced rather than Wii clones

    • As far as I know there’s no word on the pricing yet, it’s all just rumours. Wait and see, you may yet be surprised.

      • Yup, and I’m also thinking they must surely have something a bit more ‘weighty’ to show off, such as Milo or possibly some really impressive navigation/interaction for movies and the xbox menu.

  6. Thats big, and expensive for just that!

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