project natal

Kinect Round-Up

Kinect details confirmed.

Microsoft’s Natal Event

Strange things happening in LA.

Is Motion Tech Moving You?

Do you like to move it, move it?…

Natal And PrimeSense Join Forces

Teaming with the experts.

Full Natal Line Up At E3

News from Mindy Mount.

Seeing Natal In Birmingham Not So Rare

Motion works well in the Midlands.

EA Sports Won’t Be Embracing 3D in 2010

Choosing motion controllers instead…

Game Room and Natal Info Leaked

It’s not just Sony who lets those videos slip out.

Microsoft Dismiss Natal Launch Rumours

Launch rumours squashed, Natal possibly some kind of delicious cake.

Project Natal Cost: Room For Movement

Microsoft keeps the vital information hidden.

Project Natal on PCs

It seems that Microsoft have plans to bring Project Natal to your PC.

Project Natal Deconstructed

Fun fact for the day: “Natal” is the Portguese word for Christmas. I don’t really like either…