Microsoft Dismiss Natal Launch Rumours

Speaking with the guys over at Eurogamer during the launch event for yesterday’s update (wouldn’t it be nice if Sony did those kind of events for firmware updates?) Neil Thompson, the big boss at Xbox UK, stated that the rumours on Natal’s launch that emerged last week “…weren’t accurate, they were rumours. I’ve got nothing more to say about it.” Well that seems pretty conclusive then. Oh you want some more? Alright then.

The great thing about the rumours last week was that they were… well great. Whilst the launch window was a way off, a year away in November 2010, the pricing was apparently low and it looked like Microsoft and it’s “publishing partners” – I hate that phrase – had 14 titles lined up to launch alongside the motion sensing camera. So along with Thompson effectively squashing all of these rumours, we also get the information from him that Microsoft are  “…still very much in the baking on Natal and there’s a lot of things to get decided on it.” when asked about whether the pricing information was accurate. So while the price has yet to be decided, hopefully Microsoft will notice how happy the rumour made everyone and won’t stick with their normal accessory pricing stratergy of “lets triple the cost”.


Perhaps the most interesting part of the information though is that he refered to baking Natal. Could Natal be some kind of delicious cake? For me that’s more than just another selling point on the accessory, and grabs my interest even more. Hopefully Sony take note and start to produce consumable accessories as well. Or what if Activision followed suit and made those plastic instruments out of cake? You’d never have old equipment cluttering your house again.

Finally it’s not all doom and gloom about the rumours. Whilst he didn’t confirm that the figure of 14 launch titles from the likes ofActivision, EA, Sega and Ubisoft he did state that they’ve “… shared this technology with our worldwide development partners now for some time, and the pace with which they’re developing the kind of experiences is just amazing,” and that they’re “…committed to ensure those experiences are unique, compelling and very exciting right from the outset.” Well at least that’s something. Hopefully Microsoft’s defintion of unique, compelling and exciting matches their audience’s.

Source: Eurogamer