Is Motion Tech Moving You?

Microsoft and Sony are set to unleash torrents of information regarding their motion controllers next week during E3, but is anyone wanting it?

Research company OTX has used it’s tracking service – GamePlan Insights – to quiz 2,000 American gamers on whether or not they will be purchasing Natal (or is it Wave now?) or Move when they are released later this year.


Of the 2,000 polled, only 8% of the Xbox 360 users are planning on buying Natal and only 6% of PlayStation users are intending to purchase Move. Of those, only 25% are willing to pre-order.

Okay, so it’s a low representation of a massive market but it does give an indication of some people’s attitudes toward the two new pieces of technology. This seemingly small amount of interest could be attributed to several factors such as lack of information, lack of pricing and a lack of footage showing what they are actually bringing to the proverbial table.

Seeing as the research only covered a small percentage of American gamers, I thought we’d better ask you guys. European gamers.

Based on the information that you have seen and read, what are your feelings about Project Natal and PlayStation Move? Do you want? Are you getting? Are you waiting? Are you interested at all?

Source: Gamasutra



  1. I’m actually interested in both. I won’t be buying Natal/Wave, since I don’t own an Xbox. Haven’t decided on the Move yet, but I’m expecting this E3 will give enough info to help me decide.

    • same for me as i don’t have a 360. Of course it will really depend on the games… and if “I like to movie it move it’ isn’t the theme tune i’m not buying it ;)

  2. Interested in the tech, potentially interested in any good games that use it, completely uninterested (and then some) in the shovelware potential…

  3. I think I want it, but I’m sure sure how much I am willing to pay for it. It will all depend on the quality and the longevity of the games and tech.

    As for the, frankly very poor, poll results, good news may be found in the fact that Sony and Microsoft are targetting non-gamers in an attempt to attract them into buying into the tech and therefore the consoles. As gamers, who will be more ‘hardcore’ than the casual market, they may not be as swayed by this as much. A poll of Wii-only owners may prove more fruitful.

  4. I may get Move, depending on pricing of course, but I’m waiting for a lot more information about it to be revealed before I make my mind up for definite.

    I don’t have an xbox, so obviously won’t be getting Natal. ;)

  5. I’m in for Move but only so my daughter gets more value out of the PS3 which has a shockingly low amount of child friendly games.

    Move is an evolution of existing products in the market, but Natal is the interesting one too me even though I don’t own a 360 because it could potentially be revolutionary. We only seen 2 prototype ‘games’ for it which are the red ball thingy and Burnout Paradise so I can’t understand why anyone is negaive towards it unless they’re wearing their rose tinted specs a little too well.

    But if the actual games are good then Microsoft may not only have themselves a system seller but also a control scheme that could change computer & entertainment use forever.

    The only way to know is after we’ve seen something which we haven’t yet for the past year.

    So all-in-all I’m buying Move but I’m more interested in Natal (even though I don’t & probably never will own a 360)

    • I wonder if the count down on Criterion’s website is for Natal controlled Burnout that will be ready for release? Would certainly appeal to more people if they had a game like that for launch…. interesting times!

      • Burnout would be a massive game to have for natal, especially if you can make your own steering wheel (Mine would be like the steering on Kit from Knight Rider!). If so I’d be interested to know how well it would work, for example, if I rest the item on my lap (I play games so I’m not very strong!) will it still work or do I have to hold it out miles in front of me high in the air like on the trailer?
        Natal definately holds the most interest just because of so many unknowns.

      • You can get burnout paradise now off of the playstation store for the pseye if your interested and have a pseye of course.

      • Taking a photo for the licence isn’t a game controller.

  6. Will be picking the Move up from day one, partly so that my little girl can actually play and use EyePet without that awkward ‘magic card’ and so i can play Wii type games with better graphics.

    I know it’s a bit like the Wii but i don’t care, the graphics and games i have seen so far look good and fun to play so thats me sold.

  7. Been watching Move more than Wave as I think you definately need to physically have to hold something to play a game long term. But I will not rush into buying one until a decent piece of software comes along to make it worth while. I just think the initial games will be a very Wii like experience and having got rid of my Wii many years back I’m not looking just to replace that experience with Move. It needs something special and different to promote it and distance itself from just the Wii copying label it will no doubt receive.

  8. I remember how muh I wanted a wii when I 1st saw the adverts, I had got myself one two days later and loved playing it for a year or so, haven’t turned it on now in such a long time though and the only game I have for it is Mario Kart. I really hope that Move doesn’t end up the same way. I do think that only being able to use two main controllers with the nuchuck type thing is going to hold it back from a local multiplayer perspective, but I am looking forward to playing Heavy Rain with it. Of course, all of this is irrelavnt if they don’t bring out a wireless PSEye. My PS3 is just too far away from the TV.

  9. i’m not really fussed, but having said that i’m terrible to buy for at christmas and birthdays and i’d rather not spend my own money on it so it might make it onto the crimbo list this year.

  10. I’ll most prabably be buying the Move…
    Hope we get some good information at E3 about games and/or applications, that might shift the probably to definite.

    I really like movement games if done correctly.. Like duck game with the sixaxis controller that is a very nice game.

    I so totally hope they make the XMB like the thing they showed on that gadget show thing…. ;)

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