EA Sports Won’t Be Embracing 3D in 2010

Stamford Bridge – home to Chelsea Football Club and 42,055 seats – was used yesterday by EA Sports as the venue for a PC-related FIFA event, but EA Sports president Peter Moore had some things to say about Sony’s 3D plans, Project Natal and the PlayStation Arc…I mean the PlayStation Motion Controller.

Speaking to Gi.biz Mr. Moore stated that despite Sony’s big plans for 3D gaming in 2010 and beyond, EA Sports have no intention of catering for it this year. He admitted that he was keeping a close eye on the opportunities that 3D will provide for sports but categorically ruled it out for the near furture.


No, no, no. I have a point of view and that’s about as much as we have…Sony has made it a strategic imperative for the company. And when Sony does something of that nature then we as a company need to sit up and take notice…But believe me there’s nothing going on right now that would say I’m ready to demo a 3D sports game. Nothing at all.

EA Sports may be shunning 3D gaming for the time being but they are very focused on both Microsoft’s and Sony’s motion control devices, but this doesn’t mean EA Sports will have titles ready for the launch of the new peripherals. Moore admitted that they are apparently just as in the dark about the launch timeframe as the rest of us.

I do not know when they’re launching. Certainly Sony has made no public pronouncement at all, and Microsoft has said ‘holiday’, which obviously gives fudge room, so stay tuned.

When reminded that Sony had committed to 2010 for its more-than-likely-to-be-called-Arc, he responded with a rather nonchalant answer of “If they hit this year then you’ll hear something from us about what our plans are.” But, in true EA style, they seem poised with several well-established titles.

…we’re going to have our core intellectual property represented in some shape of fashion on those platforms.

My question to you is: “Have EA Sports backed the wrong technology?” If you take a look at their range of games it appears that only Boxing and Golf would lend themselves to motion control. Would you, as sports fans and gaming fans, preferred to have seen Madden, FIFA, NBA and NHL in 3D or are you more excited about the prospect of flailing your appendages to kick, punch and swing your way to victory?