Project Natal Cost: Room For Movement

The President of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division has been speaking about Natal. More importantly; Natal’s cost. Yesterday saw the First Annual Microsoft Open House (catchy), and Robbie Bach gave no indication as to the motion-detector’s price. Instead he favoured the Politician-like response of:

Relative to Natal, we’ll see how the pricing and costs work out, but I think people should expect it to be like other things: We work through the price curve, just like we have with other products.

This obviously doesn’t mean that Project Natal will be extortionately priced, but dodging the question altogether doesn’t indicate that it will be immediately ‘affordable’. Using the Wii’s pricing structure to clarify his meaning, he went on to say:


When you start at $249, I don’t know that a [price drop to] $199 — I don’t know how much difference that’s going to make in the marketplace

I can see where he is coming from, but has he not basically just said ‘Wait for a while and the price will drop noticeably’?

Source: Joystiq