Sly Cooper Your Next HD Remake?

1UP, bless them, appear to have leaked yet another spoke in the Sony E3 conference wheel.  The post has been pulled, mind, but when it surfaced it contained sneaky shots of Sony’s E3 set-up, which included clear reference to a Sly Cooper remake, in HD, and – we’re told – 3D.  Sounds interesting.


In addition, Kotaku is claiming their source backs up this information, suggesting a ‘Sly Collection’ is on the cards, another remake collection to go with God of War and the much rumoured Ico / Shadow.  Rumours also floating around include a PSP version of EyePet and a PS3 version of Invizimals.

Sony’s conference is at 8PM our time tonight.



  1. Never played a sly game, but have read that sly 3 was an awesome game. i think psm3 did a retro review on it.

    • I seem to remember them being cel-shaded to. i can see myself becoming a big fan of these hd remakes, especially if ICO/SOTC and MGS are released

  2. I never got to play this so this would probably be a purchase if it’s good enough to get remade

  3. I only played Sly 2 but it was a blast. The story is told via cartoons, the stealth gameplay is quite fun, and there are lots of minigames. Environment are quite vast, lots of variety in the missions, the feeling that you’re pulling major operations.
    One of my favorite platform games.

  4. The Sly series is probably my most favorite and most played on the PS2 together with R&C. Remake would be awesome! Also, they have already tried their luck with 3D by including glasses with the 3rd game of the series and making some particular scenes available in 3D in the game. For me it didn’t quite work, so let’s hope they have a better go this time :)

  5. It was a good game but i ddn’t realise it was popular enough for a HD remake.

  6. I will definitely buy this, as I’ve wanted to play the Sly series for a while after hearing good things about it.

    • …Assuming it turns out to be true that is!

  7. Id prefer a R&C one!

    • Agree, but any remakes from the golden age of PS2 platformers gets a nod IMO.

  8. Sorry, a PSP version of EyePet? Am I missing something? Like the Eye?

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