WeView: Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

You voted for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time to be this week’s WeView game. The fourth title in the series released on PS3 and PS Vita earlier this year to a very quiet reception, and any buzz around the game soon fizzled away.

But it’s clear there are the fans – 35% of the votes were for Sly – and hopefully you can all sneak out of the woodwork and leave a comment with your thoughts on the game.


I enjoyed what I played of it – I’m more of a Ratchet & Clank fan than I am of Jak or Sly, and sneaking really isn’t my forté, but for what it was, it was quite good fun, with time travelling mechanics taking your adventure to a lot of different settings and periods.

It probably wasn’t as good as Sucker Punch’s Sly Cooper games, but it was still a decent attempt at the franchise. Dan scored it 7/10 in our review, praising the platforming and visuals, though noting that it had a bit of a hangover from last generation frame rate issues, simple AI and lengthy load times, as well as a lot of padding.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is a solid title that sticks rigidly to the Sly Cooper formula. Whether this is a bad thing or not is purely down to personal preference. In my opinion now was the perfect time to add a twist to the proceedings. Those looking for an enjoyable platform romp will no doubt have a blast with the game, but those looking for something new may come away disappointed.

So, it didn’t really do anything new, but did it do enough to earn your praise?

Just leave a comment below with your thoughts on the game. Don’t go overboard – a paragraph or so will do – and if you get that in before Sunday afternoon, we’ll have time to include you in Monday’s WeView Verdict round-up.

Of course, you’ll need to rate the game so we can collect the results. The best way for you to do that is by sticking to our formula: Buy It if you loved it, Bargain Bin It if it’s worth picking up at a lower price, Rent It if it’s worth your time but not a lot of your money, or just flat out Avoid It if you don’t think it’s worth buying.



  1. Nope, never played it.

  2. I hadn’t played a Sly game before and I really enjoyed it. Seeing as you can probably get the ps3/vita cross buy on disc for 20 quid then I’d say buy it. You can always download the vita version and trade the disc back in for some cash down the line.

  3. Only played the first quarter I reckon, but so far it seems quite similar to the first game which I enjoyed.

    I’ve only played that and the second of the series and didn’t like the ‘open worldness’ of the that game.

    It seems like a much more traditional sly game. To be honest I didn’t realise it was a different development team.

  4. I loved it. Sanzaru did a great job with the Sly trilogy and Thieves In Time was a worthy follow up. They nailed the art style, gameplay was spot on and they managed to capture the spirit of the originals. The only downside was that the main villain was barely featured so the story fell flat towards the end. Also the compulsory SIAXIS mini games were annoying as hell. Great game nonetheless. It gets a ‘Buy it’ from me.

  5. Haven’t finished it, but if you like 3D platformers then it’s awesome on the Vita and a fluid 60FPS (or 30 with 3D) on PS3. And you can hop between platforms with cross-save! It feels more at home on the Vita, and it certainly comes off as a worthy successor to Sucker Punchs works.

    I’d say, STEAL IT, but if you’re not raccoon enough then buy it. It released at a bargain bin price, so it should be cheap anyway.

  6. Loved the HD trilogy. Keep meaning to get this. £10 in Asda at the mo!

  7. Buy it for the Vita, Bargain Bin it for the PS3. Essential purchase for the vita as it is by far the best platformer available at the moment. Played it briefly on the PS3 before getting my Vita and it just felt a bit dated.

  8. Well, I thought Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time was great. No, it was never going to be revolutionary or earth-shattering, but I didn’t see any need for it to be. It sets out its stall as a family-friendly 3D platformer, and executes that genre close to perfection. The gameplay is consistently fun throughout (although the occasional mini-game was slightly annoying); the storyline and cut-scenes perfectly capture the comic tone of Sucker Punch’s efforts; and the graphics and art-style are generally very pretty. Time-travel was an inspired choice, as it gave Sanzaru a great excuse to create some wonderfully varied environments. Having played the re-mastered Trilogy on PS3, compared to the original three games, Thieves in Time easily matches them. It is better than Sly 1, which was fairly simple, and also better than Sly 3, which lost its focus by adding in unnecessary elements to the Sly Cooper formula. I would say it was about equal to Sly 2, Sucker Punch’s best, with similarly good storyline and gameplay. For sure, you can criticise it for not doing anything innovative, but then Rayman Origins was hardly original, and it seems to have been received much more favourably for some reason. Fundamentally, it is an extremely assured and competent platformer, and I really hope enough people bought it to warrant a sequel from Sanzaru.

    • Oops, forgot to say: Buy It!

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