Sly Cooper To Get 3DS Style Slider?

The Sly Cooper Collection is sounding better each time we hear about it.  Three re-mastered Sly Cooper games, Move support and 3D for the price of a single game?  Sign us up.  It turns out the developer may also be interested in using the ‘slider’ feature shown off on Nintendo’s 3DS – which essentially allows you to manually adjust the depth of stereoscopic 3D graphics popping out from or receding into a TV screen, thus allowing a more comfortable experience.  The game’s producer has said that the slider function might be mapped to a controller analogue stick, with a tilt adjusting the 3D depth.

If they do decide to go down this route, it would be a very welcome addition.  One of the comments we keep hearing is that certain games – and we’re looking in your direction Wipeout – can be very uncomfortable to play in 3D, as it’s just too strong.

Source: Kotaku



  1. “The game’s producer has said that the slider function might be mapped to a controller analogue stick, with a tilt adjusting the 3D depth.” – Seems to me that a feature like that would make a great game mechanic for future games. Adjusting the depth of field could give you extra vision…so like the batman detective mode, you could slide the 3D view up and down to revel different clues, sections and objects in the scene.

    • That never occurred to me but that sounds like an awesome idea!

  2. “games will include a “3D strength slider” which I guess will be a software version of the slider found on the inside of the lid of Nintendo’s new 3DS console.”

    Nice to see the rest of the Internet is slowly catching up with TSA.

  3. You sir are a very smart man.

    A good read as well.

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