Only One Title In Sly Collection 3D

Only one of the three bundled games part of the upcoming Sly Cooper HD collection will support 3D. Somewhat overlooked at E3 (probably because it was barely up on the screen before Jack moved on to something else and, let’s face it, it didn’t have the word “ICO” in its title) the Sly Collection, the first three Sly Cooper games remastered in HD in similar fashion to the newly – and higher – defined God of War Collection, will also add in Trophies. In terms of 3D, however, only the third game in the series – Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves – currently supports the eye-shredding technology.

The reasoning behind the reduced 3D support across the series is in connection to original developer Sucker Punch’s decision to actually support the technology in certain areas of the third game when it shipped back in 2005 with 3D glasses. Using this as a foundation, new developer Sanzaru Games have been able to expand the tech throughout the spruced up version of the most recently released Cooper title. As to whether or not the other games in the collection will get the same treatment is unconfirmed at this point. Representatives from the developer were quoted as saying the studio is “looking into it.”

Here’s the E3 trailer for all you lovers of raccoon-shaped larcenists. Check out how Move support is also quoted in connection to some mini-games though the 3D technology is flagged with a curious asterisk. Now we know why.

Source: Kotaku



  1. Don’t looks so much better than the ps2 version but i will buy because i never played them on the ps2.

    • Yeah, there’s some very poor graphics (by today’s standards) on show there.

    • I have played only 1 and 2, so i think i get it ‘coz the third one have multiplayer split-screen ;]

    • I agree. I’m not too worried that the graphics aren’t “state of the art”, the cell shaded look doesn’t demand that. My main reason to buy will be for the gameplay, as I never played the PS2 games, but heard they were good fun.

  2. Never heard of Sly before all this hullabaloo.

    Is it that big a franchise to bother remastering and giving a retail release to?

    Looks just like the sort of 3D (gameplay 3D, not visual 3D) platforming game that ruined platformers to me

    Roll on Sonic 4!

    • He never got the attention of Jak or Ratchet but I know some people who prefer the games over the previously mentioned platformers.

      Yes, it’s all 3D messing about. A bit like Mario 64 but with a raccoon burglar. Genius!

  3. I only played the first Sly and it was VERY endearing. Some fantastic gameplay moments. Looking forward to this. Also looking forward to the THREE PLATINUMS!

    • Those three platinums may well persuade me to buy this!

  4. Really can’t wait for this, I love Sly. The level with the trains in Sly 2 is one of my favourite mess-around-level in any game.

    • I am worried that they won’t do as good a job as they did with the God of War Collection though. Any release date yet?

  5. ? I thought they said only one title was 3D @ E3?

    • Yep. They are looking at the other titles, however.

  6. Only had the third game, but always wanted the original and sequel, so I’ll pick this up sometime, me thinks.

  7. oh well, 1 out of 3 eint bad

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