Twisted Metal Coming To PS3

As a ‘final surprise’ at the end of Sony’s E3 press conference, Eat Sleep Play have appeared on stage to demonstrate the latest Twisted Metal game, simply dubbed “Twisted Metal” which is exclusive to the PlayStation 3.


New to the series is flight, and there’s a rack of new weapons (and team-up powers) to mix things up. The visuals look nice and slick, but it’s in the new modes that the game will come alive.

The one demonstrated is called ‘Nuke’ and is a team based mode, and will feature factions based on characters from previous games.  The aim of Nuke is to destroy the opposing faction’s statute on the map and capture the leader of the opposing team.




  2. Ahhhhh! After he said no so many times. It looks fuckin sweet!!!

  3. Hmmm i was skepticle but that nuke mode looked the business

  4. Awesome :D loved twisted metal black online. It was my first ps2 online game.

  5. Sony’s conference literally just double-penetrated Microsoft’s and Nintendo’s conferences.

  6. that picture scares me :(

  7. Never played one before!

    But OMG inFamous 2! Ahhhhhh! :D Bit excited!

    But where was Agent and Last Guardian?

  8. Never played a Twisted Metal game but that looked like a lot of fun…

    I assume from the constant denials that it’s a big deal to fans of the series though…

    Disappointed not to see The Last Guardian or The ICO Collection though… Likewise no Mass Effect steal…

    Also no surprise announcements about hardware or new PS3 versions (preferably with wireless N, rear USB ports, and 500GB HDD’s)

  9. This is awesome and all.. But what the hell happened with Last Guardian?
    I’m sure I didn’t blink my eyes during the conference. And it wás on the line-up, right? Where did it go?!

  10. Hmm.. what happened here? Can’t be good.

    • Ah.. heavy traffic. Default skin for TSA.

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