Hori Betting On PS3 MMOs?

MMOs have played a pretty minor role on consoles to date, with Phantasy Star Online being the exception.  The PS3 could be soon change that though with The Agency, Final Fantasy XIV, DC Universe Online and Free Realms all due at some point.

While it has been over two years since John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment, said that consoles would see the arrival of an MMO that would rival the success of World of Warcraft, we are still awaiting the PS3’s first MMO.


Still, we are inching ever closer to the arrival of MMOs on the PS3 and what do dedicated PC MMO players always have (apart from monster multi-PC, multi-screen rigs)?  They have big keyboards, programmable gamepads and other such paraphernalia.

There are obviously no such peripherals for the PS3 yet, but with the games themselves advancing in development, Hori is working on a PS3 MMO controller.  Shown at E3 as a “concept model” you get a full size keyboard (in a fetching C64 aesthetic) with essentially the right half a a DS3 attached, plus L2 and R2 and two buttons I cannot identify.

It is paired with a separate controller replicating the left half of a DS3 and harbouring duplicates of the ‘X’ and ‘O’ face buttons and buttons for L1, L2, L3, R1, R2, R3.  As it is just a concept design there was no pricing or release information available.  You would imagine that Hori would aim to have it hit, Japanese shelves at least, when FFXIV lands (whenever that turns out to be).

Hori MMO PS3 Keyboard



  1. that controller type thing looks difficult to hold, apart from that, it will be a great seller for those you love MMO’s. Good idea!

  2. I’ll probably have no need for this myself, but shouldn’t Hori be stretching their concept to ‘wireless’

    • they most likely make it wireless once they finalise it. but your right, would be daft to make it USB as no other PS3 gear does that to my knowledge

      • Then you’re not looking hard enough. There’s plenty of wired stuff out there.

  3. That is the weirdest looking thing, Marty McFly must’ve brought that here from 1985 ….

  4. That’s probably because they’re meaning it to be a throwback…

  5. That is horrendous! They should’ve given Sony a shout. Sony are churning out all sorts of loveliness as of recent.

  6. What is that?

  7. That is probably the ugliest concept I’ve ever seen – it looks like an archive photo from E3 1989!!!

    To be honest these things sound good in theory (much like the FragFX) but in practice they are a disappointment for the simple fact that developers making console games put a great deal of time and effort into tailoring the control method for a console joypad.

    Fair enough you you got a literal straight port of a PC game, but you don’t you have radial menus and alsorts of other tricks to make it suit a console joypad, likewise handling and speed of response etc are adjusted to suit a joypad analogue stick rather than a mouse.

    To compare, it would be like them selling a Joypad for PC MMO users that prefer the feel of console controls – nice in theory, but completely inappropriate for the way the PC version has been programmed to be used…

  8. RayWilliamJohnson would say: FAKE AND G**

  9. What Sony needs in their games, especially in MMO’s and shooters are full keyboard and mouse support. Think about it, that could work well for Sony.

  10. Looks like something from when the first batch of computers were invented.
    The modeling, the style, everything!
    At least pick a new color…

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