DC Universe Online Subscription Fees

Sony Online Entertainment’s DC Universe Online, the forthcoming PlayStation and PC based MMO, has been given a price. Ryan C. Peters, Public Relations chappy for SOE, issued a short statement regarding the pricing:

“The revenue model will be subscription based, with a monthly fee of $14.99 per month. DC Universe Online will also support micro-transactions.”

I suspect the micro transactions will be for costumes, so if you want a particularly snazzy cape you may have to pay an extra buck or two. DC Universe will be the first PlayStation 3 MMO and is scheduled to arrive later this year. Why not check out the recent E3 trailer.

Source: Voodoo Extreme



  1. I shall need a free couple of months before deciding if it’s worthwhile, especially if I’m going to be paying for the game. I’m sure most people will be of the same opinion?

    • if the disk was free/dirt cheap, and the subs cost around £8 a month, i think they would shift loads of MMO’s on the PS3

  2. Yikes!

    Too high! Too high!

  3. So in old money would you guess around £9.99? £8.99 if we’re lucky? Hopefully you’ll get at least a month free for paying £40 or whatever for the actual game. I’m assuming Final Fantasy XIV will be about the same, will have to choose, won’t shelling out for both.

  4. That’s heavy.
    I’m under the assumption that the disc will retail at a regular price too?
    As hannes says, a couple of free months is the way forward.

  5. Oops, not getting this anymore!

  6. £120/yr (plus the price of the disk) is too much for me to spend on a game… I could get 4 or 5 other games for that, and for that reason I just don’t see the value in this type of MMO

  7. Cheaper than WoW I suppose…

    • It’s not cheaper than wow, lol you pay this for 1 month.
      The price of WoW is for 2 months.

      I’d rather play WoW anyway, compared to this MMO.. WoW has a lot more to offer, for a lower price -.-.

  8. Got no problem with monthly subs if the game’s good enough, but Subs AND micro-transactions? That’s just taking the mickey.

  9. OMFG!!! My no.1 most wanted game has just completely and utterly scrubbed itself off my wanted list. What a joke of a price.

    DCUO is crashing and burning before my eyes and not even my beloved Superman can stop this one hitting the ground hard

  10. Really, what world are these chaps living in?

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