More ‘HD Classics’ Coming To PS3

After the God of War Collection, which by all accounts sold rather well, Sony went looking further afield for more inspiration, more PS2-era games to reboot, remix and redo in HD.  Of course, we all know about the Sly Cooper pack, but there’s also the nuggets we’ve heard about the Team Ico Collection and the notion that Sony themselves are courting ideas from the public.

But, back to that Sly Cooper pack, which appears to be pushing a brand new branding for Sony – ‘Classics HD’ – reproduced below.


See?  Whether or not this is intended to be used down the line is not really that important right now, the fact is that a) the box-art is real, and b) Sony are confident enough in the success of this particular remake to consider branding it.  The killer would be if the God of War Collection came out with a new box-art complete with the same graphics at the top of the cover, but that would just be icing on the cake.

So, God of War, Sly Cooper and, hopefully, Ico and Shadow.  Hopes are high then that the publisher will continue to plunder the PS2’s back catalogue, crate digging for the best the console had to offer and tarting everything up in a nice high-definition, 60 fps sheen.  I’d kill for a touch up job on Gran Turismo 4 by the way, guys, if you’re stuck for something to do in-between Sly and Ico…



  1. Really hope 3rd parties get access to this/get behind it
    there are some amazing 3rd party games
    Medal Of Honour: Frontline, SSX and many, many others.

    I’d also really love for there to be a HD version of Sony Cambridge’s Primal, I love that game, great story and if they’d sort out the slightly clunky combat system it would have been an all time classic

    • Primal would be fantastic, good call.

    • We getting a remastered version of MoH:Frontline with MoH.

    • Medal of honour:frontline IS being remade in HD right now, it’s part of a deal made between Sony and EA. As a result we can look forward to exclusive download content for the new medal of honour:modern warefare, dead space 2 and a ps3 exclusive HD remake of medal of honour:frontline…i am not sure if frontline will be a psn download or on disc though.

    • Primal and SSX remakes would be fantastic.

      • Just to bring back SSX for the next gen would be better than remakes.

      • I will not buy a console without the Sony brand for the rest of my life if they (re-)release SSX for PS3

    • Psychonauts please.

      • Whoops, forgot to add Fahrenheit.

      • yeah back in ps2 days when i was a noob, i missed what people refer to as great titles like Fahrenheit, so id love to try it out in HD.

  2. Give me my favourite series ever – Jak and Dexter !
    God i miss that pair :'(

    • Definately. It’s a trilogy too which is just dream marketing material!

      • It’s not a trilogy. You’re forgeting JakX and the most recent (and worst) Jak (I forgot the name). It’d also be nice if we’d get Daxter. The more the merrier.

      • It doesnt count if its not developed by Naughty Dog!
        And Jak X is a spinoff and not a part of the triology imo

      • Are you telling me that Crash Team Racing doesn’t count?? Speaking of that, I just noticed that after 3 games of a franchise, ND makes a Racing game based on that. Expect Uncharted IV: Race for the Golden C-art

      • I agree with MistaPita, the Jak series is a trilogy. Jak X was fun in its own respect but no way near as good as the other three. If they were to do a Jak collection I can see them just remastering the first 3.

        How awesome would that be btw. Three Jak platinums

    • yes…a good choice, the first jack and daxter was one of my fave games on ps2.

      • It was my favorite game on the Ps2.

    • Yes please!

    • Jak and Daxter. DAXTER! Not DEXTER!

  3. I am so buying that Sly Collection.

  4. I would love an hd remake of kingdom hearts 1 and 2. Awesome games

    • Yes! That would be absolutely awesome! That along with the Metal Gear Solid Collection of course…

      • If they did a Kingdom Hearts collection with both versions as Final Mix+ and Re:Chain of Memories included I would buy it twice because of the sheer level of awesomeness from those games

      • I’d buy 10 copies of Kingdom Hearts collection HD.

        The KH games have soooo much content I often tell poeple they are some of the best value games on the market!

  5. I finally played (to completion) God of War 3. It was the first one I’d played so I read the plots of 1 and 2 on Wikipedia first :)

    Damn that is a good game. I might get the collection now

    • I strongly recommend you do. They are arguably better than GOW3. Especially the 2nd one, it’s hard to believe it was only a PS2 game.

  6. I donate a testicle and more for an MGS HD collection.

    • and me…well no body parts, but ill give them £50 ;)

    • A re-make of the ps1 classic metal gear solid (like the gamecube got: aka-metal gear solid:twin snakes) would be awesome…i still play the ps1 version on my ps3 but to play it with next gen visuals would be something else….the ps3 doesn’t upgrade the ps1 graphics enough, my pc emulator does a much better job at upscaling ps1 games than my ps3.

      • It looks a lil better on PSP, mainly cos the pixels are pushed together much more than on a HD screen. Kickass game though, no matter how you play it.

      • Instead of MGS 1, which still plays well today, I’d rather Kojima Productions get to work on a remake of the first two Metal Gears.
        Seeing the confrontation between Big Boss and a young Solid Snake would be awesome!

      • I agree actually. I tried playing Metal Gear, but it’s a bit TOO retro for me :P

    • I’ve already got a kidney and my liver on ice, just in case the offer arises. Would be so awesome.

      • The way this is going, if everyone chips in, we could theoretically build our own Big Boss…

  7. Battlefield: Modern Warfare!
    I loved the SP, but I hear the MP was excellent. Sadly I missed it due to only having dial-up.

    • Are you talking about BF2 on the PC or Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on the PS2/Xbox. I don’t belive that BF2:MC will be re-released on the PS3 as it was already released for this gen. of consoles on the Xbox360 on April 2006. Nice call, but no DICE.

  8. MGS 1,2 and 3 for me please

  9. Can’t wait!
    My entire life as a gamer has been with the Playstation sitting firmly as my go to console line so I can’t think of a single series they could release that I /wouldn’t/ instantly snap up!
    (Except for Gran Turismo, but that’s just because I just don’t enjoy driving sims..)

    • I agree. (But I do Love GT.) I only owned a GameCube before my PS3, so any PS2 remake is good for me as I never owned one. It would also give me reason to get rid of my 60 & 80 fatties to pick up a more portable slim PS3.

      PS HTML is your friend when trying to italicize. But beware, the TSA higher-ups seem to have disabled such things like bolding.

  10. it would of course be easier to add software compatability to the PS3 so it can play all the PS2 games catalogue, but it wont happen as there’s little to no money in it for Sony or other parties. Second hand games would prevail.
    Something Sony shouldn’t dismiss for the PS4 is backwards compatibility with the PS3. While new games take time to develop you can still play the old favourites for the first few months/year.
    For sony to be giving it a lot of thought now shows how they made that mistake and are trying to make up for it, and rake in some coin.

    • HD with trophies > Backward compatibility

      • Preach!

        HD graphics are great too, but Trophies are the attracting feature to me. :) (Why don’t smilies work anymore???)

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