Console APB Version No Closer

Speaking during an extensive interview with Eurogamer, Realtime Worlds’ Dave Jones has reiterated that a console version of APB is still some time away – if it will happen at all. With the PC version now out and receiving a somewhat lukewarm reception, logic suggests that an Xbox 360 or PS3 version of the cops and robbers MMO game has perhaps dropped somewhat in stock. Regardless of review scores or technical challenges (the cost of running dedicated servers for example), Dave states nothing will happen with non-PC versions of the title until a publisher is in place. Asked the perpetual question of “APB on consoles, when?”, Dave replied:

“That won’t happen until we have a console publishing partner. That’s the only thing that will trigger that.”

Considering EA joined the APB project toward the end of the process, assisting in the game’s distributing and marketing, the obvious choice would be for a console version of the game to also be released under the EA Partners banner. Right now, however, it’s not something the two parties have openly discussed. Dave continues:


“Well we haven’t had that conversation with them, because we were EAP, and they tend to work with something that’s fully funded, along the way, and just needs distribution. Maybe if we spoke to EA directly. But I think the main thing was to get this game live, look at it, see what the good points are that people like. I’ve often said, if we do a console one it would have to be quite different. It’s a different market, different control mechanism.”

APB is out on PC now.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. imagine a good game where you have an adequate idea of what to do with an immersive story and non broken gameplay.
    hold onto that feeling, APB doesn’t have it

  2. the bland trailers were enough to put me off. Kindly enough they showed enough dull character design and bad animation to ensure I knew not to touch this.

  3. I’ll never understand the criticism. The game is great. Combat works well, missions are decently varied, absolutely fantastic fun when you get in a group. I love it.

    Console version will never happen, it’s a MMO. Console versions are always ‘planned’ but it never materialises. It’s hard enough running a MMO on one platform.

    • And another thing…

      People are approaching this game the wrong way. MMO gaming and normal gaming are two very, very ,very different things.

      • MMO – does that mean it’s online only as i don’t think i would be interested if it is. I think it’s good that they realise the need to build the game differently for console controls. But they might not have the resources to do that if it’s not first successful on pc.

      • Yes it’s online only. But it means it has a very different style of gameplay from most types of games. The core factors of MMOs are teamwork and progression.

        The MMO style of gamplay is a acquired taste, but one which I enjoy.

      • yeah, the “you’re not playing it right” defense.
        how did that work out for lair?

      • Excuse me?

        I never said that. What I said was MMO are a very different type of game, which they are. People expect of them different things to what people would expect for a primarily console title for example.

        It’s like going into a theatre and expecting a pantomime.

  4. Played the Beta – not impressed at all.

  5. i tried the beta, put me right off.

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