Yakuza 5 To Get Additional Characters

Wait a second. Five? Yes, just like night follows day in the Land of the Rising Sun (and, well, everywhere else for that matter), another Yakuza game is on the blood-soaked Nipponese horizon. Well, if you keep buying them, Sega will sure as hell keep making them.

Following on from the success of the fourth edition’s multiple characters feature, Yak 5 will see even more additional characters added to the mix.

Speaking outside the Don Quijote in Shinjuku where an image of Yakuza favourite Goro Majima was on display, series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi revealed that Goro will be playable in the next game. That said, he was not described as the main character so fans should still expect stalwart bad ass Kazuma-san to make an appearance and remain as playable. What would we have done without that popped collar?

Commenting on the evolution of the Yakuza series, Nagoshi-san is prepared to piss a few people off with where he plans on taking the popular franchise. In typical Japanese pragmatic fashion, the producer describes breaking the Yakuza model so something different and equally intriguing can emerge from its metamorphosis. He states:

“Yakuza must evolve. To evolve, some things must be broken. A Yakuza that is being broken is under construction and thus cannot be released. This probably saddens the fans, so as we break things, we make new things.”

Yakuza 5 is planned for a further TGS reveal later this year and will likely be out on shelves before you know it. Those Japanese sure are efficient.

Source: Andriasang


  1. I’m so confused…I mean…What happened to focusing on Yakuza 4?

    • Yakusa has already been released in Japan.

    • As mentioned already, 4 is done and dusted and out. Came out in March in fact.

  2. Can not wait!!! … hang on that doesn’t seem to be right

    No idea why I did the caps but life goes on…

  4. Still to purchase Yakuza 3..but the graphics look much improved in 4; so I wonder what Yakuza5 brings to the table

  5. Yakuza – japanese awesomeness – overload. I want 4 dammit. should probably finish up 3 first…

  6. Guess we will have to wait ages for us to play this one

    • Not as long as we did for 3 I reckon. Sega knows now that there is a market for these games outside of Japan. A lot of the wait for 3 was to do with them not actively working on localisation.

      I expect the translation process to start a lot sooner now than before.

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