Driver: San Francisco Dated

Good news for driving fans today as Driver: San Francisco has been given a UK date of November 26th. The news has come from Ubisoft via GAME, which is one of the games two official pre-order partners.

In a year full of excellent driving games, is there anything that makes Driver: San Francisco stand out from the crowd?  Well yes there is, but it’s a bit out of the ordinary.


As we have already mentioned, all on-foot sections have been scrapped in favour of the ‘shift’ mechanic.  After a particularly nasty accident, the games protagonist Tanner is in a coma – which is where the game plays out.

Shift allows you to leave your body and take control of another person in a car further up the road – sounds handy if you are lagging behind the chase.

In all honesty I have not paid much attention to Driver: San Francisco, so this new gameplay mechanic came as a total surprise.  Is it enough to make it stand out in a month that also sees Gran Turismo 5 hit the shelves?  We shall see.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. no on foot? If they manage to squeze out the same excellent driving physics that were in parallel lines then I’m in.

  2. YES!!! NO ON FOOT! Going back to the good old style of the PS1 Drivers. Although Driver 2 did have on foot gameplay mechanic (just get out of you’re vehicle and find another) I think the shift mechanic will replace this quite nicely. At least it won’t be another Driv3r (there’s another e as a “3”). That game was fun, but too much like GTA.

  3. That’s a bit early.

    • yeah i can foresee a postpone

    • Too many very good games are already slated as November release.

  4. No on foot? Hmmmmm, demo please :P

  5. Absolutely no way this is getting priority over GT5. I’m getting the Ultimate Edition of that. But, I will check out Driver San Fran eventually, I loved the first game, and the shift mechanic they showcased at E3 looked pretty sweet, especially for multi-player.

  6. Bit of a ‘Life on Mars’ plot going on there.

  7. Did they forget GT5 is launching just before this? Good luck ;) I enjoyed past Driver games, but there’s no way I’ll be buying this THAT soon after GT5.

  8. I think the new Need for Speed launches around that time frame too.

  9. F1 2010 and TDU2 are all set for the release around then along with GT5 and NFS etc. etc. A lot of driving games this year, excellent.

    • It is good that there are a lot of good racing games out this year, but do they all have to be released at the same time of year.
      It’s a pity their not spread out throughout the year.

  10. As shallow as it sounds, my interest in this has risen thanks to the fact there will be over 120 licenced cars including the Delorean, and finally a proper Shelby Mustang. However, I’m so psyched for the new Criterion NFS, I feel sorry for poor Reflections.

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