DeathSpank Site Launched

DeathSpank hath spoken.

DeathSpank – Hothead Games’ comical and irreverent new action title – hits PSN and XBL next week. In honour of His Spankiness’ impending arrival, a new website has been launched to allow fellow Spankers (our term, not theirs) uncover some more details of what is described as “Monkey Island meets Diablo.”

Not content in confining his deathly spiciness to just the older schools of electronic self-promotion, it’s a veritable social media blowout, with DeathSpank soon to spread his love on Twitter, Facebook and wherever else before the inevitable cease and desist letters are sent out. Check out his declaration of intent.

Source: Press release


  1. man im looking forwards to this game 8) theyr releasing it on my birthday and all, so it HAS to be good 8p

  2. I simply LOVE the graphical style of this game!

  3. “hath spanken”, surely?

  4. deathspank – can’t think of a better way to die !

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