FirstPlay Wrong About Killzone 3 Co-op

Yesterday we reported that FirstPlay had mentioned a special four player co-op mode for Killzone 3.  Well the party is over folks as they have admitted this is actually an error;

“Unfortunately the Killzone 3 preview contains a piece of erroneous information about a four-player co-op mode which isn’t present in the game. It was something that had been rumoured that we mistakenly picked up on as fact. Apologies for that, especially to Guerrilla for whom this has been an annoyance.”

That’s not to say Guerrilla won’t announce something further down the line, but for the time being it’s two player co-op only.  It still looks like an amazing game regardless.

Source: CVG



  1. lol, if GJAIF was still running, he’d be all over this, what a blunder!

    • Looks like “quitting” lasted about a day. :)

  2. Oh dear, just when I thought FirstPlay had actually scored their first ‘scoop’ to justify their existence along side internet gaming blogs it turns out they actually get their content from internet rumours! Not a good reflection on the journalistic quality of FirstPlay…

    Still I wouldn’t be surprised if 4-player co-op modes make an appearance on KillZone 3, if not at launch then as DLC. Lack of co-op modes was the main criticism from ‘the internet’ about KZ2, so they’re bound to at least add the foundations for a co-op expansion…

  3. They won’t be getting the exclusive first review of KillZone 3 then?

  4. Oh dear, and here was me thinking FirstPlay had gotten up to speed at last..

  5. Best stick to the old news they recycle

  6. 2 player co-op is good enough for me.

  7. I’m happy enough with 2 player co-op. I find it hard enough as it is to organise a time when I’m free to play with 1 friend let alone 3. But yes, it would have been superbly fantastic

    • I only have one friend anyway

      • Look, I’ve already told you, we are not friends.

        Do you want me to get your parents involved again?


  8. Whats the odds that KZ3 has got 4 player co-op but Guerilla didn’t want it announced just yet, so they’re throwing their weight around to get FirstPlay to retract.
    Seems a bit to convenient, or inconveient from GG’s viewpoint

  9. All aboard the Failboat!

  10. Aww that’s a shame, especially when I get into a PS3 vs 3360 argument with my mates and they say that GOW2 has two player coop. 4 player coop would’ve blown that out of the water.

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