Ready At Dawn Confirms Lay-offs

More unfortunate news regarding jobs today as God of War: Ghost of Sparta developer – Ready at Dawn – has confirmed studio lay-offs.  Thirteen staff have been given their P45’s as they simply could not be supported in the transition from one project to another.  The full statement reads as follows;

“Most days we feel privileged to do what we do. Some days not so much. Today just plain sucks.

We’ve spent the majority of our time at RAD hiring the best and most talented people to join our team. Today, we had to let go of 13 of these people because we simply couldn’t keep them on board while one project finishes and another ramps up. Unfortunately, these are the woes of being independent…

It sucks. There are no other words for it.

We wanted to wish the best of luck to those guys and girls who have been a part of our crew. We sincerely hope that you will all land back on your feet real soon.”

It seems that there are a fair few game developers out looking for work today – we echo Ready at Dawn’s sentiments and wish them luck.

Source: Ready at Dawn



  1. Both articles attributed to the ebb and flow of development but I’m guessing the global economy is influencing the number of lay-offs quite a bit.


  2. I frigging hate the term ‘sucks’ (but i’ll let them off because i assume they are American developers), but i concour, that it is shit that these guys have lost their jobs. (i coulda sworn they were making a new PSP game? ‘ghosts of sparta’)

    • Sorry, they made ‘chains of olympus’ from which i gather sold well, and are NOW going onto make ‘ghosts of sparta’ so why the layoffs?

      Sod this for a game of soldiers, my heads not in it today :'(

    • So you hate the term ‘sucks’, but then go on to use the more vulgar term ‘shit’. :P

      • It’s probably an American thing as oppose to a vulgar thing. Wicked sick, ill phat!

      • Thank you mike, retard gets on my full tits as well ;-)

      • If you mean you find it annoying when americans say ‘retard’ (which I think you mean), then I agree

        If you mean I’m a retard, then go fuck yourself.

      • Lulz, Typhoon, dunna get so defensive mate, i meant the Americanism.

  3. Whether is “sucks” “shit” or not, it’s bad news for the 13 who are now jobless and just another statistic. Best wishes to the unlucky 13, I hope you get something soon.

  4. i feel that
    i myself was made redundant 2wks ago

    (1st post. been visiting tsa for about 1yr now, but only reg wed.
    look forward to many a dbate/discussion)

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