The Question Mark: Chapter 32

Four chapters left, and we’re not done tormenting with our characters yet. Snake may have just committed suicide, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of our story. Remember the cyborg ninja crying when Snake first met him?

Previously: Snake has woken up on Shadow Moses island in the past. He tries to change everything, but most events course-correct, and it appears many others realise they’ve travelled back in time. Snake, being taken to Metal Gear Ray outside the complex by Ocelot, drove the Jeep off the edge of the cliff. Both Snake and Ocelot crumpled on the hard ice below.

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Disclaimer: This story contains violent scenes that some younger readers may find disturbing. Many chapters contain detailed scenes of gore and peril. If you haven’t played the Metal Gear series, there will be spoilers in this story.

Kill Me

A gunshot.
An engine roar.

Snake sat in the back of the Jeep with Ocelot driving.

“You idiot!” Ocelot shouted back. He continued driving. They weren’t far from the end of the tunnel. “Do you have any idea what you could have just done?!”

Snake looked around, trying to understand what had just happened.
He noticed his legs weren’t damaged anymore. He was scarred all over, as was Ocelot, but they could all move freely. Their clothes may have been torn, their limbs may have been heavily scratched, but they were alive. He could move his body.

Ocelot fiddled about with his radio.

“Vamp. Vamp do you read me? Over.”

“I just checked. It all still exists.” Vamp replied.

“W… we just died….” Snake started.

“Oh you’re quick.” Ocelot fumed.

“How are we still alive?”

Otacon accelerated up behind them, his snow coat as pristine as it was before.
“Snake! What just happened?!”

Ocelot leant back and shot at Otacon’s windscreen. It was dodged again.
Both Jeeps burst into the sunlight for the second time.

“Stop this car!” Snake shouted.
Ocelot did so. The two men were thrown forwards slightly in the momentum, but the Jeep stopped close to the base’s exit route. It stayed on the cliff edge. Snake quickly jumped out of the Jeep and walked around to Ocelot, who stepped out the door.

“You’ve got your legs back I see.”
Ocelot danced his pistol between his fingers and aimed it at Snake’s kneecaps. Snake upper punched the man in the jaw, throwing him backwards. Snake pulled him out of the vehicle and threw him at the ground.

“How are we still alive?”

“Because we never died.” Ocelot looked up at Snake from the snow, brushing himself down.

“But I remember it.”

“Just because you remember dying, doesn’t mean you’re dead.”

“I suppose I’m a wonderful example of that theory.” a robotic voice spoke above them.
Grey Fox appeared in the sky as he backflipped to the ground beside them. Part of his helmet had retracted, revealing the only remaining part of his face. “I’ve been listening, my friends. I believe this is what I am here for.”

Fox was beginning to remind Snake of himself when he thought his reason for being here was about saving Meryl and Otacon.

“I… I died fighting Metal Gear Rex.”

“How long have you known?” Snake asked.

“Passing Rex’s hanger brought flashbacks. I… I remember being crushed. The pain. The agony. It raced through my artificial limbs, but I felt every bit of it. Every dent in my exterior had me screaming inside. I just didn’t have the ability to show my total emotion.”

Snake pitied Fox.

“I remember I died for you, Snake”.

Ocelot was bored of the lover’s conversation and stood up, mumbling to himself. “Oh please.” He walked around the back of the Jeep.

“Fox…” Snake started.

“Ok, enough of these amateur dramatics.” Ocelot approached the two slowly with half an arm pressing hard into Otacon’s side, and the other pointing his revolver at the scientist’s temple.

“Ocelot, put the gun down.”

“No, Snake. I don’t think you’re quite following. You’re coming with me. Forget all of this. It’s all a big joke. Ray, you remember Metal Gear Ray don’t you? it’s waiting for us just where you fought me with Rex just over there.” Ocelot didn’t point.

“I’m not coming with you.”

“I can pull this trigger so easily.”

“But you won’t.” the cyborg ninja began.

Ocelot ignored the exoskeleton and continued his fixed view on Snake.

“You don’t like to believe them, but you fear what would happen if you killed that man. What if they were right?” Fox continued.

Ocelot took a step back, Snake took a step forward.

“It’s over, Ocelot.”

Ocelot smirked nervously but confidently. His feelings were mixed. He feared what Mantis had told Snake, but was certain his plan could work.

“Forcing a bullet into that man’s brain could ruin everything you have achieved.”

Ocelot knew the robot to be true, but kept his stance, slowly moving backwards with Otacon, towards Ray. Snake and Fox were slowly following. Otacon was wriggling with fear and a wet urine stain appeared around his crotch.

“I’ve seen you move. You could easily kill me without harming the man, you freak.” Ocelot raised his voice at Fox.

“If I killed you…” Fox began.
Fox’s head clicked and spasmed to one side. His memory chip had connected everything together. His head flipped to the other side and the cracked orange light on his forehead flickered erratically. “No…”

“To much for you is it? You pathetic machine. You took my arm!”

Fox’s mind was flooding with information. The realisation of what was happening had finally hit him. He threw out words amongst his movements.

“When you first woke up here, did you remember?”

“Only one person did.” Ocelot spoke.

Snake knew Ocelot was talking about him, but how he knew was anyone’s guess.

“But I got here much earlier than Snake. By the time he was prancing about this island, I had already worked it all out. I was even preparing for over a year.”

New information flowed into the robot’s mind. He seemed to be in pain.
“I… I….”

“You know, don’t you?” Ocelot smiled cruelly.

The robot screamed. Part of a rough man’s shout of agony filtered over the raw electronic noise.

“Fox. The binary. Was that you?” Snake called to the stuttering cyborg.

“Argh!. urgh! .. No!!” Fox spurted out.

“Then who was it?”

“… Mantis… The Colonel… This….”

“You exist after the time that you died before.” Ocelot shouted above the screaming, stating facts with ease.
“You know you can’t exist any more.”

Fox looked over at Ocelot amongst the head twitches.

“That’s right. You know you have to die.”

“I’m more of a man than you will ever be.” The face within the mask didn’t move, but the intended words emitted from the metallic suit.

“If he dies, will he come back again?” Snake asked Ocelot.

They were nearing the water’s edge, concealing Ray.

“He’ll come back just the same way you did.”

“Snake… the hand… giving that to you made me… feel… compassion…”

Fox fell to his knees. His body collapsed forwards, but he stopped himself with his arms. On all fours, one arm being stumped, he stared at the lightly frosted ground around him. His suit was chilling in the cold.

“You have emotion. You made a mistake.” Ocelot spoke.

“It was me who made the mistake!” Snake shouted at Ocelot.
“I let Wolf take my hand!”

The spasming stopped, the robot went silent.
“Snake. Kill me.”


The robot was Snake’s only chance against Ocelot, and here he was being ordered to murder him.
He sniffed.

“Did it just…?” Ocelot started.

“Shut up!” Snake told Ocelot.
He knelt down next to Fox.

“You… you are human. You know you are. No matter what those machines do to you, you will always be a man. A man capable of emotion. Love, hate, anger… fear.”

Fox didn’t look at Snake.

“Kill me.”

“You don’t have to die here.”

“Kill me, Snake.”

“Everything Ocelot has told you is a lie. There’s no big conspiracy. There’s no coming back to life after death. We only thought we died. We feared the worst, and we moved past it.”

“Snake… just do it.”

“Ok, why don’t I make this easier?” Ocelot butted in.
“You either kill him, or I shoot your friend.”

Everything that had been said about Otacon dying, it no longer made sense in Snake’s head. Nothing would happen to them. Nothing was important about any death. That only meant Snake had to make a decision. Would he have Otacon die on the basis of knowing the event around them was exactly as it seemed, the logical explanation? Would he have Fox die on the basis of the belief that there was something greater happening?

Metal Gear Ray was never at Shadow Moses Island before. Not in these events. But Snake just couldn’t let his friend die. Both Fox and Ocelot had been frightened at the idea of the death of Otacon, and it was this fear of the unknown that Snake held onto tightly.

He made a quick decision. One he would regret.

His metallic hand wrapped around Fox’s neck and twisted hard.
The robot rang out in a deafening shriek. His body flipped out on the ground. The death wasn’t instant. Snake gripped the head, and twisted it round backwards. The man inside screamed out in pain as Snake heard bones crack and ligaments snap. Rolling about on the floor, Fox was still alive. In the shock of a man squirming in agony and the need to kill him fast to subside the pain, Snake slammed his fist hard into the man’s metal chest. It winded the man. Fox opened his mouth for the first time that Snake had seen. Air was pushed out through this throat, and he coughed and spluttered.

“Kill… me…”

This was madness, but Ocelot and Otacon looked on.
Snake welled tears at the eyes. His friend was undergoing unbelievable pain. All for a belief. All for something that could be a lie.

Cartilage snapped, and artificial tendons bent back on themselves – the metal encasing Frank’s fingers forcing them the wrong way, breaking each joint. His gunshot wound from their first meeting began to bleed again and Frank screamed out for death. Snake slammed his gifted fist into his ally’s uncovered face, mutilating it beyond repair. Frank bruised easily and brown blotches began appearing quickly across his chin and forehead. His nose dented inwards, flattening. He still lived.

“Kill me!!!” He yelled out into the icy open air, inches from the forgiving emotion on Snake’s face. The snow around him was beginning to turn red. Snake stood up and brought his foot down on his friend’s head. Electrics sparked, bone cracked and his friend stopped screaming. Frank said nothing. His face was dead. But his body was alive, shaking in uncontrollable panic. The core processor had shut down and the nanomachines inside were redirecting key resources to keep the remaining product running. His face turned pale.

Ocelot turned the pistol towards Fox and shot the shaking robot three times. Holes appeared in the casing, oozing blood, but the body continued to spasm. Crying, Snake brought his metal fist down on Frank’s chest for the final time. Frank didn’t stop moving. Snake stood above the man, pitying him. He thought he knew how it felt to die, but watching this broke him down.

An arm slowly, desperately reached upwards and Snake grabbed it with love, wrapping both his hands around Fox’s. The two held hands tightly as the body changed from a violent shaking to a rapid twitch. Snake’s tears dropped onto his friend’s dying body.
Frank stopped moving.

The three men stood in the cold outdoors, looking at the remnants of the robotic image of a man. A man of decency, moral values, compassion and spirit.

“God help him when he wakes up.” Ocelot said quietly, looking away.

Snake crouched by the fallen Fox. He couldn’t move. He wouldn’t.

“What will happen to him?”

“Nothing. He’s dead.”

Everything really was coming to an end. Everyone was gone.
Despite Otacon standing a few feet away, Snake felt more alone than ever.

The haunting image of Metal Gear Ray loomed above him.
Otacon was hyperventilating.

Snake looked upwards at the God-forsaken bipedal weapon with tears still in his eyes.
“Just tell me everything and I’ll do whatever you want.”


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