Daily Star “Reveal” New GTA Game

Sometimes you just don’t have the words. Sadly, when you’re writing a story you actually do need to have some, so I’m writing this through the grittiest teeth I can muster: the Daily Star newspaper is claiming that a “Raoul Moat version” of “Grand Theft Auto” is in production over at Rockstar.

The game, which to our knowledge doesn’t actually exist in any official capacity, is causing “fury”, with the newspaper citing “gaming websites” that apparently “showed the cover of Grand Theft Auto Rothbury – a version of the XBox hit Grand Theft Auto”.


We struggled to find any mention of such a game on any official channels, although a few spoofs have been floating around for a while.

The ‘mock-up’ that the Daily Star picked up is below, taken from the newspaper’s site:

The game, again, according to the Daily Star, “is named after the Northumberland town where Moat, 37, hid then shot himself after his gun rampage in which he shot ex-lover Samantha Stobbart, 22, killed her lover Chris Brown, 29, and shot and blinded Pc David Rathband, 42 in both eyes.”  Thanks for reminding us.

The Daily Star then has what appear to be quotes from Samantha’s grandmother Ann Hornsby, 69: “I can’t believe someone wants to make money out of people who have been killed. It is sick – it’s blood money. The game is beyond belief.”

“Someone wants to make money out of people who have been killed”? Yes, someone does. By writing fabricated stories based around a commonly demonised entertainment medium to sell newspapers. As dedicated fans of video gaming, we’re with Mrs. Hornsby – it is sick.

Update: The Daily Star have now pulled their “story.” Unfortunately for them, the internet never forgets.

Via MCV and CVG.



  1. …. What?

  2. Someone’s getting fired for not fact checking this. I mean I could Photoshop up a more convincing cover with my eyes shut.

  3. this is funny as hell how do they think this is true
    wow its just plain wierd

    • They don’t think it’s true, they don’t care, it’s inflammatory, offensive and they can plausibly deny being liars who play on the fears of idiots by blaming “the internet”.

      I doubt they’ll ever mention it ever again though, especially not to apologise to Rockstar, the victims, the Grandmother, or any of the other relatives of any of the affected families.

    • mcv also have a screengrab of the offending page.

  4. This is what is wrong with the UK

  5. Bad. Very Bad

  6. Am I the only person that found it funny? That cover is amazing :D

    • no i dont think its funny and you would not too if you lived close to this whole thing…and to even have the blood drenched face of the brave police officer who lets not forget was shot in the face for nothing and lost his sight. I think its just sick and saddened me how the press will go so far to get headlines and to hell with the truth

      • walked onto a straight punch there Dlaf, Don’t you think yours might just have been exactly the sort of reaction that the creator of this hoax sought to engender?

        I’d rather find humour, than get wound up.

      • I stopped reading at blood drenched face. Mate, shit happens all around the world, doesn’t mean we all have to cry about it. Not saying I’m happy with what happened, but really, look at Moat on that cover. It’s hilarious.

    • *raises hand quietly* No. You’re not.

  7. I’m guessing that’s just placeholder art until Rockstar can render said images in their usual stylised art form prior to the release date, which I believe is 32/10 this autumn.


  8. So is this game any good and when is it released?
    I might email te daily str and ask if they know any more details.

  9. That story isn’t even Raul Moat’ly funny…

    I’ll get my coat.

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