Daily Star: ‘Medal Of Honor: Osama’

Hey look everyone, it’s the tabloids making up a load of old horse manure – again. However it’s not the main ‘News’paper this time, the article is in their games section. Paul Vale begins by talking about the ‘buzz’ about a ‘Kill Osama’ movie.

“I’m sure it’ll get made.,” he says “I’m equally sure that game designers are already poring over pictures of Bin Laden’s compound, working out a way to include a similar mission in one of their forthcoming shooters. “

Really? If there are any games designers working on this then please get in touch.


“When’s the next Call of Duty game out?”

Asks Paul, implying COD will feature an Osama style mission. It’s out at the end of year Paul, any decent games writer knows that.

“What gamers want is ever-increasing levels of realism and designers have already shown themselves prepared to tackle controversial events on the console and PC. “

Yes we are prepared to tackle controversial events except as soon as anything controversial appears – No Russians, the Taliban in Medal Of Honor – dirty rags like yours jump all over it and claim we’re all terrorists. However you now seem to be supporting this kind of content, please make your mind up.

“As such,” concludes Paul, “Expect Rainbow Six: Abbottabad; Call Of Duty: SEAL Team Six; or Medal Of Honor: Osama to be hitting the shops just in time for Christmas.”

Or not.

Source: Daily Star



  1. Oh dear lord.

    Typo in the title by the way but you’ve probably already spotted it.

  2. A facePalm doesn’t quite cut it.The Daily star needs to stop being biased and come out of their caves.We are not terrorists.I don’t want games to become realistic as most of the time,it can be a bit boring.Daily Star,it’s cheap bog roll.Not even the Daily Mail would stoop this low.:O.Bloody baised papers.:(

  3. Do people actually buy the Star??
    I thought it was an even lamer tabloid rag, produced for those that can’t stump up the extra 5p for the Sun??

  4. o_O. Maybe he knows something the rest of the gaming community doesn’t? It is the daily star! They’ve got there fingers in alot of pies!

  5. To be fair, I can see where he’s coming from, he’s just saying it in a ridiculously sensationalist way.

    Of course no game would mention Osama or anything about him on the title of the game as he has written, but I think it’s safe to assume that one of the big games will see this as an opportunity to base a mission around it. I wouldn’t be surprised if a future COD or MoH has a mission with blatantly obvious similarities with the mission in Abbottabad.

  6. You killed Castro’s double in Blops when invading Cuba. I would expect this in a game and film at some point. But I don’t think it will be for a while.. Don’t really want it to either. I prefer fictional shooters anyways.

  7. So, the mission in the game is going to be, break into the compound and shoot as many unarmed, defenceless people as you can?

    • Sorry, I’m not trying to say bin laden didn’t deserve to die, he did. But he was unarmed and defenseless when he was shot through the eye ball. I don’t think there were even any guns on the premises were there?

      • They went there to kill him not to capture which I think is wrong as there would be much to gain from keeping him alive. They wanted to get rid of him. If this was put in a game I reckon it would be dramatised with lots of armed guards.

      • He was wanted dead though wasn’t he and I don’t think they should have given him a split second chance, just too much at risk when it involves someone as dangerous as him

      • How is someone unarmed dangerous? They wanted to kill him and would’ve done even if he was lying on the floor in submission.

      • he could well have been concealing a small fire-arm or maybe a detonator, and even if they knew 100% he had nothing on him the amount of people ended up dead because of him I’m surprised they didn’t do something worse to him…

      • i’m gonna be a bit controversial here and say that i’d have preferred to see him taken alive and put on trial.

      • im with hazelam on this one even Saddam Hussein got a televised trial and execution not to mention the controversy surrounding osamas previous involvement with the cia and imitate disposal of his body

        besides has everyone already forgotten about the whole WMD fiasco they have blatantly lied to your face in the past why do you still willingly believe there every word

        on topic: i dont want “ever-increasing levels of realism” ill take a new time spliters any day
        although you could say i want ever-increasing levels of realism in textures lighting physics sound ect ect

      • So.

        Capturing him would be impossible, not logistically but can imagine the rallying cause it would have crated if he was alive

        Where could they keep him for one, even his ‘home’ country didn’t even want his body because it would have been ransacked/turned into a shrine in equael measure.

        America has been at war with this guy & the ideollogy he spreads, he was a military target & they got him

        Do you think everyone who has a bomb dropped on them is armed? No of course not, it was just that sending guys on the ground in was the only way to be certain they got him.

      • 9th time he has been declared dead now, IF he did die in that attack it was simply an assassination, they have no proof linking him to the 9/11 attacks and it would have been laughed out of court!

      • Al quaeda has confirmed his death and have threated to attack the US and it’s allies,Deadwelsh.

      • Also being the head of a major terrorist organiseation is something that is worth taking to court.Even if he had nothing to do with 9/11,they would not be able to ignore his acts of terror.

  8. No issue this big or contraversial can be included in a game and everyone knows that. Anything more recent than WW2 in terms of realistic missions will be met with huge controversy. The Daily Star seem to be possibly criticising game manufacturers for leaping onto contraversial material or at least that’s how I read it. However, very few games have had such issues so I have to conclude that it is just a random story.

  9. wow that guy needs to realise that Osama and games are completely separate. I don’t even know how he could link the two… maybe he’s the one who really wants ‘call of duty 8: Taliban ops’

  10. give it 4 years and he’ll be right. chancea are someone in the films is already thinking of it right now

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