DC Universe Online Voice Cast Announced

DC Universe Online’s voice-cast has been announced and it’s a star-studded (geek) affair. The big news is that Mark Hamill will reprise his role as the iconic Joker, his long suffering booth-mate, Kevin Conroy, also returning to provide Batman’s gruff timbre in the game.

Adam Baldwin, probably best known as Firefly’s Jayne (though I will always see him as Full Metal Jacket’s Animal Mother), will voice Superman, while fellow Serenity star Gina Torres lends her talent to everyone’s favourite Amazonian, Wonder Woman.


Other cast members include James Marsters (Spike from Buffy amongst a whole slew of other sci-fi projects) who will voice Lex Luthor, and Michelle Forbes – last seen in True Blood and who was a regular face on Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica.

Basically one giant geekfest.

Source: Press release



  1. No Adam West? For shame!

    • but kevin conroy’s been the voice of batman in various animated incarnations of the character since the eaerly 90s, he also voiced batman in arkham asylum, i think they made the right choice.
      and hamill has been The voice of the joker for just about as long.
      on the whole, excellent choices i think.

      • It was just a joke, should have added a :P or something. In all seriousness I wouldn’t pick anyone else over Conroy and Hamill.

      • i guess that’s one joke where the humour would have been in the delivery, something very hard to achieve in written form.
        talking of adam west though, if they could get him to cameo as a character like his family mayor character that would be a laugh. :)

  2. ..and it’s Jayne not Jane :-D

  3. so assuming Brainaiac is in the game, James Marsters won’t be voicing the character, how odd.

  4. Unsure whether I’m looking forward to this or not.

  5. Pleased Adam Baldwin is doing Superman, he did well in the Doomsday movie. He’s got a decent voice for it.
    Shame that unless I get in the BETA and it is an amazing experience I’ll never get to hear it

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