Comic-Con’s DC Universe Online Teaser

Anyone who claims this teaser of DC Universe Online from Comic-con isn’t bad-ass is immediately ejected from my superhero group of misfits. Sure, the actual game-play might not match the delicious visuals as seen below, but this sneak peak definitely makes us want to strap on some spandex (again).

The teaser is a precursor for the full trailer’s big reveal on Spike TV later on today in which you’ll get to hear some of those voices we mentioned recently.


Prediction: Hamill will chew the whole place to shreds.

Source: Official US PlayStation Blog



  1. ahhh this is worse than the WoW intro, your like wow this looks amazing and then the game starts and your like oh

    • OUT! And take your cape with you, STILLCANTTHINKOFAGOODPSNNAMEMAN!

      • huh capes yeah what are they good for absolutely nothing, say it again nah good god

      • Capes are dangerous! Just remember what happened to Dollar Bill!

  2. I fear this may be as good as the game gets

  3. That is cool, and whats with Supe’s at the end there, I like that

    However, trailers generally should look good, especially if the games gonna be crap, which as hairfreax says above, I fear this will be, but wait…then they’ll setup a monthly Direct debit to charge you for the crap

  4. SUPER awesome trailer

  5. Its a bit short to actually show anything decent. First 10 secs is warnings and logo’s and the last 5 secs are the end bits. I know its only a teaser, but common!

  6. god if this wasn’t an MMO i’d be loving it

  7. i hope somewhere other than gametrailers will be showing this because that site has gone right down the shitter lately.
    i can’t even watch the bloody videos now, all i get is a blank space where the videos used to be.
    that site hasn’t been working right since e3.
    if i can’t watch the full trailer because GT is shit, i’ll be so pissed off.

  8. well, the full trailer is out.
    absolutely frakking awesome. :)
    why can’t the comic book movies ever have action like that?

    • oh and yeah, he tried, but against all that action, even hamill couldn’t steal the show, you can’t chew the scenery when there’s none left. :)

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