Hydrophobia Walkthrough Has Underwater Action

It’s been a while since we talked Hydrophobia so what better way to return to the watery title than showcasing some walkthrough footage doing the rounds over at Comic-con in San Diego at the moment. Narrated by Creative Director Rob Hewson, watch as Kate not only tackles the game’s signature water-based challenges, but also gets up close and personal with some Malthusians who are just asking for a lead salad.

Hydrophobia is a digital distribution-only and episodic title coming first to the Xbox 360 and, eventually, to the PS3.

Source: Gametrailers


  1. episodic titles always seem to be fishy….

    • Oh dear. That comment is a bit out of plaice.

      • Stop using slang that involves water.

      • It’s not slang. It’s a pun.

      • Water palava!!

      • is this the sequel to Wet?

      • calm down guys, let’s not flood the comments with arguments.

      • All these puns just wash over me

      • i was going to post that hairfreax should stop being so wet but i thought maybe that’s one pun too many.
        then i realised it’d just be a drop in the ocean.

      • Fish puns give me an awful haddock.

      • Wow, the comments section is awash with these puns. :\

    • i saw what you did there…

      • what a waste. :(
        i saw wat er did there.

        this ends lesson one of lame pun based humour and how it can be used on the internet.
        next lesson, the double entendre, for examples see any carry on movie. :)

    • hahaha it’s funny because he doesn’t see his own pun

  2. Some of the animations and graphics aren’t really up to par.

  3. I hope there’s a wet t-shirt trophy.

  4. Is that real-time fluid simulation? It looks good as a tech demo, but for a game, the water should look better: have a better texture (that doesn’t look like jelly) and the bump texture that appears when the player interacts with the water should be better, pheraps a bit more like Uc:DF. But the real-time water simulation surely looks impressive. Luckly for PS3 owners, this title will flood the PS3 after the it comes out on X360

    • As a digital-download you might find the budget is a fraction of the AAA titles which means time spent on the fluid dynamics was very limited. At a guess.

      • Absolutely, I should have thought of that earlier. But since this game is the first one I’ve seen using this advanced fluid simulation, it made me forget that it was a downloadable game, and not a full price, AAA (BTW, what does AAA stands for?) game.

      • I see it being used for the best titles on a console. What makes a triple A (AAA) title is beyond me but the likes of Uncharted 2 and Red Dead (I feel) are most certainly triple A titles. Perhaps someone could let me know if there’s a criteria for a game to be referred to as being triple A.

      • i think its the amount of money spent on the projects as a whole. seems the most logical explanation to me anyway

  5. Seems a little wet behind the ears at the moment.

  6. Dam did i miss the pun frenzy

  7. The screenshots looked better. The waves just bounce around the room like a pinball and the character running through neck-level water makes it look pretty cheap. I don’t care about this being an exclusive that much anymore.

    • Good, because it’s not an exclusive. Did you read the article?

      • Yes but it seems I skipped the wrong sentence before headding to the video AND forgot about reading earlier news about it… :P

    • You can’t not care about a game because it’s water mechanics aren’t perfect. What if it plays excellently?

      • Kinda my feeling too. ICO started development on the PS1 but it was still one of the finest games to ever grace the PS2. So what if the graphics were technically a bit shoddy. What they did with them was artistically heaven!

        If a game plays well, a game plays well. It’s the very reason we can enjoy minis, or iPhone games, or cheap PSN games.

      • but i thought the whole selling point of this game WAS the water mechanics

      • Exactly, why build a game soley around your water mechanics if they aren’t as realistic as you wanted everyone to believe they were. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a really good start and probably way better than what everyone else has developed yet, but it just seems unfinished at this point. Like I said. Running through deep water doesn’t feel right to me.

  8. Taking too long to come out, will look [does right now] look dated when its released

  9. Doesn’t look as good as it did when I first read about it ages ago….. Kinda dated graphics… but then as its a download title I’ll let it off. May get this, just depends what else is out around its release

  10. Somebody call a plumber… this game looks a lot like that dumb ass film where they breed smart killer weapon sharks who then, in some act of frankensteinian contempt, turn on their creators. What follows is around 90 minutes of wading through water in some underwater research vessel, witnessing bodies getting dispatched in a myriad of ways – drowning, electricution, shooting… shark food. Similarities? Although, the original tech demo for Hydrophobia looked really good but I’m now wondering if this game could unfortunatly be the Deep Blue Sea of DLC.

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