LBP2 Gets Date And US Retail Packs

Over on the official US PlayStation blog they’ve announced the date for LittleBigPlanet 2. The golden day is November 16th in the US so we would hope that it will be around that time in Europe too.

US pre-orders will feature different bonus items depending on which retailer you order from. Costumes include Tron (Gamestop), Toy Story Alien (Best Buy) and PlayStation favourites Ratchet & Clank (Amazon) as well as a selection of animal costumes and an unassigned costume of Gonzo from The Muppets. The bonuses are sure to be very tempting for a game that many will already be planning to pre-order.


The US limited-run collector’s edition will feature all of the pre-order costumes plus exclusive Jak & Daxter costumes and five new LittleBigPlanet 2 PSN avatars. It also comes with a Sackboy plushie and shelf-topping “game-end” to stop your boxes falling over.

No word of what goodies Europe might get for pre-orders and collector’s editions but if we get something similar I think we can be very happy.



  1. Saw this on the blog and the US Collectors Edition looks brilliant, hope the UK gets a good one, after all Media Molecule from here.

    • since when have sony ever taken that into consideration?

    • Yeah they’re from the UK but look how much they contribute to the EU Blog – absolutely nothing. Yet they’ve had a weekly Blog slot on the US Blog since the day the original game launched…

      I do hope we get the Limited Edition though, it looks like a decent package of extras, 11 DLC costumes (about £1.59 aren’t they normally?) and 5 Premium Avatars (45p each assuming the limited nature of them warrants the higher avatar pricing) and already you have £20 of extra content, add to that a decent looking pair of bookends, and of course the Sackboy Plushie which let’s face it would have been enough to convince a lot of people to get the LE on it’s own!

  2. The collectors edition is awesome and I love the Ratchet & Clank costumes. Hopefully they’ll be made available as paid DLC for people who don’t pre-order.

    • Completely. This would be the first and only Collector’s Edition of a game that I buy if it comes out over here.

  3. Now that is an awesome collector’s edition. Really hoping we get something similar here – maybe with some form of soundtrack too?

  4. I want this so bad it hurt like trying to pass a gallstone…

    Whatever special edition comes out over here I’m getting.

  5. Exclusive Jak and Dax costumes. Must buy.

    • You’re telling me. They look utterly adorable and superb all at the same time. Irrespective of costume prices on the Store, nearly every one of them are wonderfully designed.

  6. Is it bad that I want the Sackboy plushie more than the actual game itself?

    • I’m with you mate

    • The reason why I am going to get the collectors edition. The gameshelve stoppers look cool too!

    • Terrible! Though I feel exactly the same!


  8. Meh, I’m still waiting for a sacboy version of Billy (Jigsaws clown guy from the Saw movies). If they included that – it would bring a whole new world of pain to the Planet of Little Big’s candy coated franchise.

    • Surely there’s level on how to make him? I refuse to believe someone hasn’t made a decent one themselves.

  9. Muppets = WIN

  10. I’m sure we can rely on SCEE to produce a suitably expensive version.

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