This echochrome ii Footage Is Wonderful

Check out this trailer for echochrome ii and try not to smile. Sure, it’s from E3 (which was yonks ago) but, still, it’s two minutes of your life you won’t regret investing.

While the first echochrome was built on the idea of spatial perception, and its spiritual offshoot, echoshift, focused on time wranlging, what we have here is a wonderful display of developers incorporating new technology in simple yet innovative ways.


It’s a pure concept. Use Move to manipulate the shadows of 3D objects and create 2D landscapes for your echoes to traverse. If that doesn’t make much sense, just watch the video.

It’s genius. And if these are the games develepors are coming up with now at the start of Move’s lifecycle, we can’t wait to see what they come up with in the years to come.



  1. My brain still hurts from playing the 1st game and my IQ wont recover in time for this game

  2. Di-ffi-cult !

    • It’s really hard to say that the way you broke it up

  3. Looking truly lovely.

    The only thing I dislike about Echochrome and its 2 sequels is how it feels like I’m being mollycoddled with the instructions on how to play… Not sure why…

  4. Lovely extension of the original idea.
    That just made Move a buy for me.

  5. Might be a PSN download I think as well as Bluray to help sell Move in the shops

  6. With you all the way, Kovacs. That trailer is wonderful. The idea to use Move like that being utterly sublime. I couldn’t get on with the first Echo game but this one really might tip me over into Move territory. Just brilliant. *applauds innovation*

  7. Very genius! I might get it!

  8. This game looks very much like a fancy kids game, which is something i may get.

    it also reminds me of a light version of the 360s dark Limbo

  9. I love the original echochrome and really look forward to the sequel. It’s the main reason why I’ll buy a move controller :)

  10. That does look awfully fun.

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