This echochrome ii Footage Is Wonderful

Check out this trailer for echochrome ii and try not to smile. Sure, it’s from E3 (which was yonks ago) but, still, it’s two minutes of your life you won’t regret investing.

While the first echochrome was built on the idea of spatial perception, and its spiritual offshoot, echoshift, focused on time wranlging, what we have here is a wonderful display of developers incorporating new technology in simple yet innovative ways.


It’s a pure concept. Use Move to manipulate the shadows of 3D objects and create 2D landscapes for your echoes to traverse. If that doesn’t make much sense, just watch the video.

It’s genius. And if these are the games develepors are coming up with now at the start of Move’s lifecycle, we can’t wait to see what they come up with in the years to come.



  1. If you want a proper rundown on how it works (via the developers no less) check this out…

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