New Dungeon Siege III Trailer Hits

Now developed by Obsidian under the wing of new owners Square Enix, Dungeon Siege III still has original studio Gas Powered Games’ Chris Taylor on board acting as an advisor. All very clandestine if you ask us. (It’s likely not, but hey, we are talking about dungeons here.)

Admittedly, this new footage is not much – mostly what looks like concept art interspersed with fancy CGI footage of an ominous tree. It is due out next year, however, so … plenty of time to actually create some gameplay.


CVG are also reporting that the game introduces a “co-op mode with support for up to four players” which could be a riot of fun.

Dungeon Siege III launches next year for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: CVG


  1. its going to be compared to dragon age so so much

    • And for that reason I hope it turns out to be awesome. Now I haven’t played Dragon Age, but is that not more tacticalbased? Cause I remember Dungeon Siege to be more actionbased. Which makes them a bit different from one another.

  2. I’m dreading to see this….

  3. I am actually looking forward to this, really loved playing Dungeon Siege I, II and Broken Sword on the PC…
    Hope they introduce some nifty control scheme for PS3 (perhaps some cool Move support??)

  4. wasn’t Dungeon Siege originally a Microsoft IP?

    • I dunno, wasn’t it just published by Microsoft on the PC.
      I think the IP belonged to the developer 2K (if I remembered correctly)

  5. I remember playing the trial for the first one and liking it very much.

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