Valve Mentions Portal 3. TSA Cries.

The first Portal is a modern masterpiece – we said so and lots of you agreed.  The second one, with its literal fresh lick of paint, looks likely to be just as utterly fabulous.  But both games are like so 2010, with Valve casually mentioning a third in the series to PSM3 Magazine in their September issue (picked up by stablemates CVG).

After Valve boss Gabe Newell’s shock appearance during Sony’s E3 press conference this year, he’s been vocally positive of the PlayStation 3, and when asked by the magazine about whether Portal 2 would support 3D, he teased that we’ve “have to wait for Portal 3”.  Portal 3.  Read that again.  Portal 3.  Now, breathe.


“Having a dedicated PS3 team allows us to build our PS3 products internally,” said Valve’s marketing head Doug Lombardi, “which we feel is critical for delivering the highest quality version of our products.”  A turnaround indeed for a studio that has publicly dismissed the PS3 in the past.

He also ruled out Move support for the sequel to Portal, but he’s not giving a blank ‘no’ to Left For Dead 2 on the platform.”Who knows what the future will bring?” said Lombardi.

We are still crying.



  1. I think you are getting a tad excited about nothing.

    • Yeah I think it was more an off-hand way of saying that they might be doing 3D in their games in the future, just not with Portal 2.

      • I think the it’s reasonable to expect 3rd parties (especially one’s new to the platform) to wait it out and let others take the risk and look at adoption rates before potentially wasting money on expensive new techniques.

        Although I think a Portal type game and its puzzling elements could be a good fit for 3D

    • Seconded. This is about as surprising as saying theres guns in the next Call of Duty.

      • But the next CoD is called Modern Bitchfight so won’t have guns

      • I hear it is going feature a multiplayer handbag action.

      • Yep and a “Next sale” skirmish mode

      • Good lord, no mere mortal would survive the “Next sale” skirmish!!

  2. L4D2 on PS3 this late in the game? Doubts. But I’m glad to see one of the world’s best developers finally giving the fat chick in this love triangle of a console generation a fighting chance.

    • The PS3’s a better shag anyway.

      • You know what they say; Fat girls are like mopeds… fun to ride until your mates find out

      • Once you admit to being a video gamer you can get away with anything.

      • Hahaha I like that one…permission to use it? :)

    • The game’s not even been out a year – we’ve seen much longer platform exclusivity deals.

  3. The fact that mentioning Portal 3 doesn’t make is so (which I realise you appreciate), the article is extremely positive compared to 6/12/18 months ago. Lovely to see that Valve have finally embraced the PS3 and that major titles will now (hopefully) appear on both HD consoles.

    • True, but in many ways the article was disappointing too. Embracing the PS3 but NOT making their game 3D or support Move is not really embracing the PS3.

      Portal is a type of game that would be mind blowing in 3D!! And tell me it doesn’t simply beg to have Move support – BEGS I TELLS YOU!

  4. I’m not sure if I’m even gonna like Portal 2.
    The first Portal was absolutely brilliant, but I think that was because of the originality. And there is no way Portal 2 can surpass that, I think.

    • I agree but I’m approaching it like a film sequel. I don’t expect it to be as good but am still looking forward to what they do with it.

  5. Oh come on, let’s keep some perspective here. It was just a turn of phrase.

    • Better title than ‘portal 2 not 3D though’, it’s not really news i agree but i enjoyed reading the article nonetheless.

  6. That’s a bit too far into the future there about Portal 3. I want Episode 3 of Half-life 2 to come out!

    • I think it’s due at the same time as Duke Nukem Forever

  7. I wonder if i will ever get excited about any Portal game

  8. Whilst this isn’t news at all really, I am eager to see how Valve’s development on PS3 works out. I’m guessing their PS3 dev team are not wet behind the ears and I’d suspect that SONY are bending over backwards to help Valve in any way. Whatever, I’m looking forward to playing the results.

  9. Id also like to know what made Valve change their mind with regards to the PS3. Id like to think that they saw UC2 running and thought ‘Holy Crap, that looks so good, we MUST start developing for PS3’, although I’m guessing it’s the old Money carrot really :(

    • Sony paying with cake was the clincher.

  10. Please god let them release L4D2 on the PS3!

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