New Medal of Honor Live Action Trailer

We reported last week that EA was working with Linkin Park on a live-action trailer for the new reboot of the Medal of Honor franchise, and it is now available online.

Interspersed with the moody filmed sequences, there’s also a surprising amount of new gameplay, from night vision stealth sections to aerial bombardment, exploding gunships and collapsing floors. It’s all rather intense.


Remember, buying the limited edition of the game will net you not only extra weapons (and the Frontline remake if you’re grabbing the PS3 version), but also an invite to the Battlefield 3 beta.



  1. ok. that game play footage was outstanding

  2. This game is going to blow MW2 out of the water!!

    • The single player will possible blow MW2 out of the water. That I agree on. I still need to be convinced about the MP tho.

      • It wouldn’t be very hard to blow MW2 out of the water. The story was just really bad in MW2.

    • There is still no way you can say that without playing the game. We know virtually nothing about it.

      • the beta was terrible though, unless it gets a major overhaul, then I wont be buying it, and thats a massive shame for me as I love Battlefield and I want that beta key.

      • I know but MW2 was a huge dissapointed for me, I didn’t even buy it in the end. I also really enjoyed the beta for this, which seems to go against everyone elses oppinion. Maybe it was because I always seemed to come near the top for once! :)

      • I liked the beta also.

    • I couldnt resist Bilbo , i had to pre-order it to get on the BF3 beta .

      • ha ha. I have been thinking about it to be honest, but not sure I can justify it with my wedding a month later. Have to see.

  3. The game looks great and I might buy it, the song is rubbish though.

    • On the contrary, i think the trailer doesn’t quite live up to the song.

    • yeah i’m not a fan of the song but i’m now convinced to get the game

  4. I already have the Tier 1 edition pre-ordered which I’m presuming is the same as the limited edition.

    • I also wondered what the difference was between the alternate retail versions.

      I’m looking forward to this as much as anything (having been with the series since the very first one) but weirdly this trailer did absolutely nothing for me.

      • OK, I’ve done a bit more research and it appears the Tier 1 Edition has everything that the Limited Edition has, plus it also has the M60 Assault rifle (which is exclusive to the Tier 1 Edition) and early access to the Tier 1 Assault Class.

        I’m not sure whether access to the Battlefield 3 beta is included with the Tier 1 Edition though, as the beta announcement only mentions the Limited Edition. Hopefully it will be included!! ;)

  5. multi player needs a serious tweak
    played the beta and i was impressed for sure but still needed a lot of work if is going head to head with cod or even battlefield

    • Well obviously, it’s still a beta. The differences between KZ2 and UC2’s first betas to the final release were pretty damn big, really.

      The graphics look pretty good. Not so overtly UE3, I didn’t think, which is obviously a good thing. And I can safely say that the SP at least sounds like it’ll be something I’d enjoy, based more in fact than idiotic fantasy.

  6. that looks like a day one buy to me.

    • or you could pre-order it get it possibly a day early and get all the free stuff with the LE version…

  7. Im In 2 minds medal of Honour or cod Black ops??

  8. not too keen on the song, but then the last few linkin park songs they’ve released have been somewhat slow burners for me, took quite a few listens to what i’ve done before i actually started to like it, not like their early releases, that stuff grabbed you straight away.

  9. so what is the difference apart from the name between the Medal Of Honor Tier 1 Edition and the Limited Edition… i want frontline!! so which do i buy to get it

    • See my answer several posts up for the differences between the Tier 1 and Limited Editions. Also, apparently Frontlines will be on all PS3 versions, even the standard edition. :)

  10. I just want MoH: Frontline although I am getting excited for the story in this.

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