Download Blur Demo – Win A BMW

Prizes for video games competitions usually comprise of T-shirts, virtual items or if you are really lucky, a kiss from Peter Molyneux. As of today if you download the Blur demo and play it till you reach level 5 you will automatically be entered in to a competition to win a real, honest to god it’s not virtual, 125i BMW Performance.

Activision (oh, you like them now don’t you?) will present the winner with the Alpine White BMW which will have racing-style carbon trims, BMW Performance and the BMW Performance aerodynamic kit.


You have have to be over 18 to enter and the competition is open to residents of Ireland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Greece, Spain, Finland, France, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia and United Kingdom. You have until 25th August 2010.

This is important – if you have already played and downloaded the demo you will need to re-download the demo from the PSN and play again.

One last thing – the demo must be downloaded from the PSN – sorry Xbox owners.

Source: EU Blog



  1. Spotted this on the blog yesterday. I’ll give this a go, won’t say no to a free car ;) even if I already have the game.

  2. It’s a bit silly, that it’s only for the demo, when you already have the game, but I guess it’s all about selling more copies :)

  3. I’ll definitely be downloading the demo and having a go at this!! :)

    • me too of to download right now.

  4. Having a go of this for definite, though i never win anything in these types of things. Having said that, i did win joe danger on here, but can’t get on with the game at all, just not my thing.

    • That’s what I always use to say and then I won a trip to Taiwan via Abit (former maker of motherboards).

    • some one has to win it i keep telling…Euromillions is costing me a small

  5. To bad. Norway’s left out. Again.

  6. i would highly recommend the demo to anyone who hasnt played the game. Its so much fun!

  7. Kudos to Activision… not bad for downloading a demo and playing it – also good marketing tactic for game sales.

    Makes Disney’s total lack of marketing support for Black Rock Studio’s Split/Second look ridiculous

    • Can’t help thinking it’s a bit late though. This game’s been languishing in the bargain basement at +/-£20 for about a month or so. If they’d done this at launch they might have had a few more takers.

      • They had a really big TV campaign for Blur when it launched where it was on almost every single ad break… I think Activision really want to turn this into a lasting franchise for them.

        The contrast with Disney’s lack of backing for S/S couldn’t have been more pronounced.

  8. It’s a good way to encourage people to get the game. If more people are playing the demo, there’s likely going to be more people buying it, nice move…

  9. im not interested as the car in the picture is a left hand drive!

    • Would you turn down a cash prize ‘cos it was in Euros?!

    • Yeh, like you couldn’t sell it! :-)

  10. It’s in the bag ! :D

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