Batman: Arkham Asylum Sequel Named, Dated

Good news for those out there reluctant to simply pop a “2” at the end of the upcoming sequel to Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum. After all, we’ve already heard that the next chapter in Batman’s relentless mission to clean up Gotham will see the Caped Crusader take to the city’s streets, so it’s a little disingenuous to have the word “Asylum” in the title again. Unless, you know, he’s going back there. And, well, why would he?

Fittingly, it should come as no surprise that the new game is actually called: Batman: Arkham City, likely a requirement to brand the game with something similar to the first title yet still allude to the wider scope of the sophomore effort.


The newly named sequel, which promises to deliver “a new all-star cast of classic characters and murderous villains from the Batman universe” according to Warners, is scheduled to hit in autumn, 2011. Yes, a year away. Just enough time to clean your tights and polish those batarangs.

Finally, and just like their InFamous 2 reveal, it appears the guys over at GameInformer have scored another big scoop. The next edition of the magazine will be graced by the Dark Knight himself, with more details about the sequel contained within its dark, rain-soaked pages.

Update: That GameInformer cover mentioned above? Images have just hit the web. That sure does look like Catwoman …

Source: Destructoid



  1. Batman was on the Infamous 2 reveal cover?!

    • You have to look REAL closely but he’s there. In the shadows. Waiting. For you.

    • Batman is in every picture. In the shadows. Waiting. For you.

    • Batman is in your mam. In the shadows. Waiting for you. Oh wait…

      • LOL! That didn’t really work out too good, did it?

      • Hehehe :P

  2. Next in the series, Arkham State!

  3. Can’t wait for this. Adore the first one. Over a year away though, that’s a long time to wait!

  4. Awesome, a whole year away. This is one of the main games i’m looking forward to, at least there are a few others between now and then to keep me happy. The first one was outstanding, thoroughly enjoyable.

  5. I would rather they take their time and get it right, the first was a gem of a game. Would be a shame to rush it out, thank god it appears they aint doing just that!

  6. That’ll give me time to finish the first one then.

    • Give me the time to START the first one, then.

  7. Oh god…. I really need to buy the first game

    • If you haven’t already, then yes you do. It’s awesome.

      • I haven’t got it either, I’m put off by not being able to kill the bad guys. Call me sadistic…

      • Sadistic!
        Trust me, the fights are brutal enough that you simply won’t care! The action is sublime once you are in the flow.
        Plus it’s a great game anyway & you really are missing out on something special if you neglect it simply because you can’t do fatalities!

      • Yeah there are nuff dislocations and limb breakages to sate the sadist in you, plus you can always hurl people off cliffs if you want.

      • I don’t mind if I can’t kill any of villains Batman doesn’t do that unless it was a accident?

  8. Awesome, I don’t think I’ve ever been looking forward to any game more than this one. Take your time Rocksteady, but hurry up! :D

  9. If you go here:

    You can see the frankly beautiful Game Informer covers which will reveal the game in full. They contain Catwoman, so I guess she’s confirmed for the game. I just hope this doesn’t mean co-op or multiplayer…

    • Look very closely at the background there’s a Uncle Sam but it looks like Two Face :0
      Sweet lol.

      • Good spot, that is definitely an Uncle Sam with Two-Face scarring. So that’s 2 of the other characters sorted then!

  10. My old friend was on AA, two face!

    • Guess he escaped? damn… should buy AA while at holiday to find out

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