Rumour: Batman Arkham Remaster Collection Coming To PS4 And Xbox One

To quote another member of the TSA team, “Yay, more remasters.” Both Videogamer and IGN Italy have reported (from separate sources) that the previous Batman games will be remastered to 1080p and released at the end of this year.

Arkham Asylum and Arkham City and rumoured to be remade but there is no mention of Arkham Origins, which seems a little odd.

Arkham City was part of the PlayStation Plus line up and was the “highest reviewed videogame” of it’s year on Metacritic. The game has shipped more than 4.6 million units which makes you wonder who hasn’t played it and will buy the remastered versions.

Are you excited by the prospect of 1080p Batarangs?

Source: Videogamer / IGN



  1. FFS, just remaster the damn PS3/360 and be done with it.

  2. I didn’t!
    i may be one of the only people who may benefit from all these remasters. I hope they jazz up the textures and lighting effects though and not just the resolution.
    First GoW, now this… What the hell was I playing on the PS3?!

  3. Ok (puts my Samuel L Jackson voice on) I have had it with these MotherF’ng remastered, for crying out loud, might aswell sell my PS4 & Rebuy a PS3 cause ckearky I can get these games cheaper at no extra cost. It’s getting ridiculous now & I’m sorry but those who missed out didn’t really miss out if you go get a PS3 then you can play these games.

    I didn’t buy a ps4 for pixelated & remastered games!!!

  4. It’s a common practice to re-release products in the film, music and book-industry. People don’t complain about those, and games are the form of media to benefit the most.

    If you don’t want, don’t buy.

    • Someone that speaks sense. We know Arkham Knight is coming so whoever has been doing the remastered job on this is either finished their part of the making of A Knight, or it’s been outsourced.

      Funnily enough, I’d probably consider buying it. Two of my favourite games of the last generation.

    • Wow, that’s just completely skewed. None of the things you mentioned get re-released (or remade?) at a new, incredibly higher cost, with the exception of certain film/franchise releases on varying formats.

      I really don’t think it’s a case of don’t want don’t buy either. I think we all want to see and spend money on new games and fresh design. To see all these remasters just disappoints. The whole ‘people who haven’t played these games yet’ argument could be used with every single game in history. Most people just buy an older console to play the older games, or if they can, use backwards compatibility. These remasters just seem to be full of bullshit.

      • Whilst the cost is certainly not the same – I have watched many films on BluRay from DVD/VHS and never complained about “remastered in high def” etc. I think that is the point Kenny is making. Better visuals and better sound – so why not?
        Arkham Knight is coming out, so remastering the previous two has done nothing to stop that. Remastering The Last of US has not stopped Naughty Dog making Uncharted 4. Infact – no remaster has had any impact in preventing some great games coming out for all formats. Some might say they are simply bonus material that you have the choice to buy or ignore.

      • I agree the analogy is maybe not quite perfect but see my points above. I very much doubt anyone involved will be taken away from the main project.

      • Yeah, my point falls in line with Onyx and kjkg, and although my analogy wasn’t perfect I think it gets my point across.

        I’m currently reading a reprint of Return of The King, it is at least the third version of the book with changes made to the language in order to rectify errors made in previous prints. It came bundled with the two first parts, and the pricing was in line with similar products.

        How often do we not see remastered CDs of old albums or blu-ray releases of films from decades ago? Sure, some people always complain as they feel it devalues their older copies, but in gaming it’s so vocal. And in gaming, there’s so much more that can be improved than simply 1080p output and audio quality. Framerate for instance, see Shadow of The Colossus.

        Last gen, remasters didn’t take off until the second half, and the games were brought to HD for the first time, so that made them more acceptable, but it also meant that jumping into running series was harder.

        I don’t always like remasters, I feel many doesn’t do enough to improve the games, and I prefer them to come in collections or pairs. But if it lets other players experience something they’d otherwise miss out on, then that’s nice. And they’re rarely worse than the original. Also, I don’t have to buy it if I don’t want to.

        The reason we’re seeing so many now is because it takes a lot of time and can be incredibly expensive to develop a modern game, and publishers need to gain some income in dry seasons. The lack of backwards compatibility also hinders players from simply buying the old version as most people with a new system want everything gathered on it and may not have an old system available. Look at Nintendos strategy with the Wii U.

    • To be fair people do get annoyed when a music cd re releases a year later with more songs or a dvd re releases with extra scenes etc.

      • I get that. But comparatively it’s usually not such an outcry. And here’s the thing, that CD you bought can still be played on your new stereo, and the audio quality is usually identical (we’re talking one to two year gaps here). So I feel they can have a stronger cause to rage, but at the same time their old purchase is still entirely useful. It’s more of a GOTY-edition scenario. But where you can’t buy the DLC in between.

        You can’t play the old game on the new system, so if anything you should be happy they’re giving you the option of playing it. And the game will have better framerate, visuals and possibly audio as well, not to mention bugfixes and the possible interface improvements. With the game you can actually get a significantly better experience in almost every way. I don’t always appreciate remasters myself, some can be half-arsed, but I’ve got no problem with collections like this Arkham one as long as they’re technically sound.

        As for DVDs with more scenes, that’s a case of changing the material in a way that isn’t in line with a remastering. That’s like DLC, which can be rubbish. Unless we’re talking George Lucas-ing, which is along the lines of a sad remake.

    • This. I’ve played all of the Arkham games, and I’d doubt I’d get them again unless I got bored, but this redone collection is a great way for people who’ve missed them before. Also great for the Batman superfans.

      Two gaming gems right there. Asylum shocked many because it was a genuinely great game from an existing universe. City is a 10/10 for me, I remember my delight when I brought down Dr Strange, thinking it was the end, but it carried on to a showdown with the Joker. A great Ras al Gul mission aswell.

  5. I don’t think leaving out Origins is that odd, it’s been made fairly clear that it’s not part of the “core” trilogy, and this is clearly timed to coincide with the release of Arkham Knight.

    • Plus, it was a different dev wasn’t it? WB themselves if I recall.

      • Splash Damage was involved in someway but I’m not sure, could’ve been split between MP and SP

      • Splash Damage worked on the MP.

    • It’s part of the overall story though, isn’t it?

      • It is canon.

      • Sort of yes, but Rocksteady don’t really consider it part of the story. It’s an odd situation.

      • Probably because it’s not part of their story?

  6. Batsuits me, haven’t Gotham round to finishing AC and loved AA, might Oswald play them remastered.

    • It’s the collection gamers deserve, but not the one they need right now. So we’ll hate it. Because it can take it. Because it’s not our choice. It’s a simple remaster, a watchful 1080p. A dark knight.

  7. Asylum was great but I didn’t like City.

    In case you were wondering :)

  8. Im happy with that, I love a second playthrough while benefitting from a second trophy list plus all dlc

  9. Shock & Awe Extreme AGAIN? Yes please…

  10. TSA gave City 10/10 I seem to remember? I’ve not played Origins, so that’d be the only one I’d be interested in.

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