Rumour: Batman Arkham Remaster Collection Coming To PS4 And Xbox One

To quote another member of the TSA team, “Yay, more remasters.” Both Videogamer and IGN Italy have reported (from separate sources) that the previous Batman games will be remastered to 1080p and released at the end of this year.

Arkham Asylum and Arkham City and rumoured to be remade but there is no mention of Arkham Origins, which seems a little odd.

Arkham City was part of the PlayStation Plus line up and was the “highest reviewed videogame” of it’s year on Metacritic. The game has shipped more than 4.6 million units which makes you wonder who hasn’t played it and will buy the remastered versions.

Are you excited by the prospect of 1080p Batarangs?

Source: Videogamer / IGN



  1. I’ve just played through these two on PC and while they still look good, they’ve definitely aged.
    Importantly they are still both brilliant games so I could see people buying them again but I doubt there will be much effort put into the graphics or adding new features.
    I may be interested if it’s a good price and includes all three games otherwise I probably wouldn’t bother.
    On the subject of remasters I’d rather new projects but I’m not against them as it’s nice to have options. However that’s on the basis that it’s in addition to them making new games not instead of it.

  2. Still fed up and yes I know I don’t have to buy it but I’m putting my opinion about remasters. Origins was from a different developer with poor online servers that never got round to fixing it!

  3. I actually thing there are more Remastered game titles out for the PS4 than there is actual ‘next gen’ Titles which, if correct, is a sad statement indeed.

  4. Another day, another remaster. However, this does have a much better reason for existing then GOW 3:Remastered edition. I would hate to be forced to make a choice between owning the first 3 games on PS3 and Arkham Knight on the PS4.

    I’m not surprised Rocksteady hasn’t included Origins in the collection due to them not having anything to do with it. Or Warner Bros know that there isn’t really a demand for Origins to be remastered.

    I do wonder if this is the era of remastering.

  5. The developers are working on a potential GotY title, yet the notion of them offering re masters still causes everyone to lose their shit. If they weren’t offering anything new, maybe that could be perceived as lazy, but I think it’s just an opportunity for anyone that missed them to hit them in a much more polished state with all dlc..

    Newsflash… You don’t have to buy them, I have completed them both and would love to give them another whirl. I’ll definitely be buying them :-)

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