Batman: Arkham City Gets Resistance’s Voice Talent

Voice actor David Kaye – better known as the voice behind Resistance’s Nathan Hale – has a one way ticket booked to Gotham in Batman: Arkham City.  He has confirmed that he is working with Warner Brothers on “a new and exciting project for the ‘Batman’ VG franchise.”  Kaye has got a large number of games under his belt,  playing characters such as Megatron in Beast Wars/Beast Machine, Optimus Prime in Transformers Animated, X-Men: Evolution and the voice of Clank in Ratchet and Clank. 

A most welcome addition.

Source: Shogun Gamer



  1. Now we just need David Hayter voicing Sackboy in LBP2.

    • Impossible. The voices of both David Hayter AND Stephen fry in one game would cause the universe to implode out of sheer awesome.

      • But then the voice of Frank Oz appears as Yoda to save the day.

      • Yes, we would be royally f*cked. Just sayin’

  2. Wait… this guy is the voice of Megatron and Clank… how the hell does he do that?

    • Never mind Clank…. Optimus and Megatron!?!

  3. Yerrrrrrrrssss!

  4. My guess is Two Face, as it is the only male other than Batman that I know is in the new game.

    • I’m pretty sure I saw joker on trailer

      • Joker is being voiced by Mark Hamil

  5. Given his experience at playing an irritating sidekick, Robin anyone?

    • oh don’t be so cruel

      • I’m just kidding, someone was bound to say it, for the record, I find neither Clank nor Robin irritating.

        Well… maybe Clank. :P

  6. Clank!

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