Splinter Cell Trilogy For PS3?

November could be a good month for PS3 owning Splinter Cell fans.  Although shunned for Sam Fisher’s latest outing, Amazon France has listed ‘Splinter Cell Trilogy’ coming exclusively to the PS3 at the end of the year.  If one were to assume, it would be that Ubisoft is releasing a HD remake of the first three games.

None of this has been confirmed yet, so stay tuned for an official confirmation/denial.


Source:Amazon France



  1. Of all of the lists I’ve seen of HD Classic requests, this is not one of them. I’ll be glad to see this though, as it’s another series I had never played on PS2, along with Sly and Kratos.

  2. I was disappointed Conviction wasn’t being released on PS3 but this looks like the better deal to me as i loved the originals. I hope it’s true!

  3. Conviction was an AWESOME game, glad I played it before I sold my 360 !!!

  4. if its just like GOW Collection with trophies and decent graphics im getting it! loved the first few games.

  5. Assume it’ll probably get announcement at Gamescom. Not long to wait.

  6. Amzing, but remember, there are 7 splinter cell games: Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell 2:Pandora Tomorrow, Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory, Splinter Cell 4: Double Agent (Ubisoft Montreal, not-canon, sixth generation consoles), Splinter Cell: Essentials (But I think this game has only got level based on others splinter cells), Splinter Cell 4: Double Agent (Canon, Ubisoft Xangai, seventh generation consoles, AKA 15 FPS on PS3!!!!!!!!) and Splinter Cell Conviction. TBH I’m hoping for a trylogy that includes Splinter Cell 3 (Xbox Graphics), Splinter Cell 4 (Xbox 360 graphics) and Conviction. Better yet: Splinter Cell 1, 2, 3, 4(xbox graphics, as they are, in 3 and 4, nearly as good as Xbox360’s graphics)(I know I just said four games) and a patch for PS3’s SC4. And an announcement of PS3 Conviction.
    And that, my friends, was the list things I will ask Santa to bring me this december.
    Worst case cenario, we get 1 2 3, ps2 graphics, but good framerate.

    • I agree on most things, but I would prefer PS3 graphics =)
      Some games don’t age well I’m afraid, here’s hoping for some better than PS2 graphics, with good framrate.

    • If its a HD remake then the graphics should be better than anything on the Xbox!! Just look at GOW HD!!! I hope they include the map packs too!! I loved these 3 games – played 1+2 on the xbox & 3 on my ps3 ;o) I’m pretty sure that the PS2 versions were different to the Xbox?? I got stuck on 3 on the Xbox & when I bought it again, the level I got stuck on seemed a lot different to the Xbox one!

  7. Wait a…wasn’t this suppose to be released for PS2 and PC before?

  8. did anyone manage to complete any of the slinter cells. on the first i got stuck on the first level and on the third i got to the seond level then kept dying, the second i cant even remember so what actually happens in them??

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