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The Question Mark: Chapter 34

Previously: Snake realises that it’s all just a video game, and he’s the glitch. The program flipped out upon this revelation, destroying the reality of Shadow Moses Island.

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Disclaimer: This story contains violent scenes that some younger readers may find disturbing. Many chapters contain detailed scenes of gore and peril. If you haven’t played the Metal Gear series, there will be spoilers in this story.

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< Loop Begin; Move Instance: ‘Snake’; to Event: ‘MGS4(#B)’; Loop End >

“Snake”. Big Mamma stood above the aging body of the fallen hero.
“Get on the bike.”

“What the hell is going on?” Snake croaked. His throat was sore and barely useable. He tried swallowing, but his mouth was so dry, his tongue sealed itself to the top of his mouth temporarily. His lips were white, and his skin pale.

“You shouldn’t be here, Snake.”


“You don’t understand what everyone’s been doing for you.”

“…This is all just a game.” Snake whispered.

“We killed Liquid Ocelot on your behalf… no matter, we have to move quickly. The program will course-correct any moment and none of us will remember anything.”

Snake pulled himself up onto the bike and hauled his body over the bodywork, swaying side to side, slipping into unconsciousness. Eva slapped him and his eyes grew wide.

“Let’s go!”

She hit the throttle and the bike sped through the quaint streets of the unrecognisable city. The daylight blurred past him just as the lights had in the tunnel, and before he knew it, he was in a smaller town. Houses and farms shot by, drowned by the old churning and astonishing speed of the bike.

OK. Stop.

Surely you’re not still reading? Everything that happens here is irrelevant. You were given a question, you were given an answer. What else do you want? Really? What do you want? You should have known that this was all a video-game from the beginning. You’re on a gaming website. Did it seriously never cross your mind?

I want you to stop reading. Right now. Just stop. Save me the need to write any more and we’ll both walk away from this as happy as we approached it.

Seriously though, what do you want? Closure? You expect it to all end happily ever after? This is Metal Gear. Get real. Do you remember how brutal I was with both Meryl’s death scenes? Yes. I’ll do it again to this story if I have to. Just stop reading. I’m not even making money from this. And really, what sort of ending did you want? All the original characters have kind of gone. Now we’re in a different part of the timeline, you can’t sympathise with anyone apart from Snake, who, let’s be honest, has had too many depressing scenes to develop any further.

You know what? I’m going to stop. I’ll just stop. Honest, I’ll just stop typing.

I… “I”… “it is the… “, malf. nct. MALFUNCTION.


Maintain course of journey. Reinitiate position. RpElAaDy.

They came to a stop and Big Mamma dragged Snake’s body in a rushed manner into the graveyard they’d ended by. The old lady dropped Snake against a slab without remorse. Snake looked up at the woman, who began to bleed from her chest. She fell to her knees in front of him, stuttering words before her sudden death.

“So long as there is light, there is shadow. To return everything to normal, the light must be extinguished, and when that happens, you will be too.”

Ok, I’m sorry, but this is just stupid. You’re still reading a story that doesn’t relate to the original. Type “I remember” in the comments if you remember the original events and why Snake was there.

Eva fell to the ground, lifeless.
She had brought him here just for those words. Eva hadn’t died here before, she had survived without Snake now. Snake turned back to see the grave he had once leant against. But this couldn’t mean anything, surely? This world wasn’t real.

The stone flickered. This event was just passing by, and Snake lapsed into unconsciousness again, moving back in time.

Snake shivered again. He felt the coldness of the fear from so many people who had warned him about the end that was coming. Despite his disbelief, he too was scared. Scared at the unquestionable fear that had struck all those who knew. Even Big Mamma was frightened. Whatever it was, it was coming fast, and it would be up to him to stop it.


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