Microsoft Gamescom Presser Confirmed

Microsoft have today confirmed that they will be holding a press conference to coincide with Gamescom on the 17th August, the same day as both Sony and EA.

According to VG247, Microsoft aren’t yet sure what form the conference will take, but it’s a pretty safe bet that it won’t include the Cirque de Soleil this time round, and a Microsoft rep told the site that there were “a bunch of announcements” planned for the event.


We don’t yet have a specific time for the presser, but VG247 say it will be between 12.30 and 3.30 CET (CET is one hour ahead of BST). We’ll have all the news from the show right here.



  1. The main message I get from this is Microsoft saying; we’ll be doing a press conference at some point, on something just because Sony are. Of course this type of behaviour is completely above Microsoft… Oh, wait!

    • Or as a non-fanboy, it says to me that Microsoft are doing a press conference, but the same as everyone else aren’t planning on announcing what will be announced in it. How very dare they!

      • I was thinking the same. If it’s a big date in the gaming calendar then no one wants to get left behind. Nothing wrong with them confirming things. If they leave it vague it’s because they’re keeping their cards close to their chest or have no idea what to show off (or a mix of the two). Either way, no stress. We’ll see what they all have to say when the date arrives.

        For me, I’m quietly waiting for TGS so we can find out more about The Last Guardian.

      • It wasn’t a fanboy comment, Microsoft never usually put much effortnino gamescom but they are this
        year obviously not wanting Sony to have a chance to plug Move unacompanied. It’s pretty obvious that the ‘as of yet unannounced projects’ are going to be Kinect and it’s various related products. Funny how as a non-fanboy you went for that argument first. Strange that.

      • Just before I replied I was reading about the lack of input MS usually have at Gamescon. I think they’ve seen what Sony have done these past 12 months and want to make sure they can steal a bit of thunder (or at least divert some attention away from Sony).

  2. MS don’t usually bother too much with Gamescom and usually just have their head of Microsoft European Studios (Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux) talking about whatever he wants.

    So it’d be interesting to see if they show up en-masse for this, or just let Molyneux ramble on as he has at past European shows.

    • I think they’re trying to show a dominant position and Kinect is receiving quite a bit of bad press since E3 (and shows no sign of stopping). This is a great opportunity for MS to push hard and say “hey, Kinect is wonderful, this is why”, etc. Obviously it could suck donkey nuggets but they have to push hard regardless.

    • I was about to say, last year, IIRC, Microsoft’s conference was supposedly just Molyneux talking about Fable 2? To be fair, I don’t keep up with xbox news, so what I’ve been told could be a load of shit.

  3. Roll on Gamescom 1 week!!

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