Gamescom And Move Coming Home This Month

Following on from the success of this year’s E3 booth in PlayStation Home, two new event spaces will be opening up later this month. On the 12th August, a PlayStation Move space will open, followed on the 19th by an area full of content from the Gamescom show in Germany.

In the Move space, you’ll be able to “enjoy lots of PS Move related fun, including a unique PS Move costume to wear which lets you play as a PlayStation Move motion controller”, as well as taking part in a new team game. In the Gamescom space, “you can immerse yourself in the gamescom experience without having to leave the comfort of your own home” with all the latest news and trailers from the show. Of course, both event spaces will have opportunities to buy related merchandise and special gifts.


Events (such as the E3 2010 booth replica) in Home have proven very successful, so hopefully we’ll be seeing accompanying spaces for each of the year’s big shows from here on out.




  1. Awesome, i did like the E3 booths and the prizes off them, so will look forward to this

  2. Cool :)

  3. Liking it…..

  4. Been a while since I tried Home out. Might give it another go once my new PS3 arrives.

  5. The E3 booths in Home were actually really good which was a nice surprise.

  6. Thy has already started teasing the space in his forum avatar, can’t wait for Thursday.

  7. Hmm… that costume might make one look like a right dildo..

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