PlayStation Home Is Going To Be Getting Trophies This Week

PlayStation Home’s open beta started over five years ago in December 2008, bringing a virtual space people could hang out in, play chess, visit themed locations with their own activities, and buy virtual goods for their avatars and virtual homes. The service has been quietly running away and it is still pretty populated, which has to be the reason for the implementation of trophies coming this week as revealed by Chris Owen, Community Manager at PlayStation Europe.


Apparently they’ll also be retro active so expect some new trophies on Wednesday. No list has been revealed as of yet to what you’ll be able to earn trophies for, so I’m going to guess on a few. A welcome trophy for when you first enter Home, a bronze trophy for playing 10 games of chess, a silver one for visiting 10 different areas, and another one for decorating your home or earning various apparel for your avatar.

Source: Twitter


  1. Unexpected story of the week. Or probably year actually.

  2. Is home out of beta now? If not is this the longest open beta every?

  3. Did not expect that. I guess it’s one way of drawing people in.

    Expect a massive influx of new Homies soon then!

  4. At least this could bring some actual gamers on Home. Lately the Home community have been a bunch of antisocial, snooty, ignorant, stuck up people who have no interest in gaming, period. Don’t get me wrong, Home is great, but the community, yeesh.

  5. Playstation home is about to get a hell of a lot more popular. I mean, if people play hannah montana for trophies, they’ll do anything!

    • Hey I liked that game

      • Ive never actually played the game but the movie is a classic.

  6. I gave up trying to use Home a couple of years ago, it was just too slow. It took forever for anything load and all it did was lag and stammer.

  7. I have always liked Home despite what people say about it. This makes it much more enticing to go back for sustained periods. I also hope it comes to the PS4 and Vita as it is a great service.

  8. So is home on ps4 as well as ps4? I used to like wandering around home

    • Opps meant to put ps4 as well as ps3

      • It’s not on PS4 yet no, and I’m sure I read somewhere it’s not going to be… Could be wrong though!

  9. I think Home could be great in VR.
    Trophies are cool too..

  10. God damn this has been needed for so long, i wish it would come to ps4 it would run so much better

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