Sony Discontinuing PlayStation Home In Asian Territories

It appears as though PlayStation Home won’t be carrying over to PS4, as Sony are discontinuing the service in Asian territories including Japan, presumably before closing it worldwide.

There will be no new content for the service in Japan after September 2013, with other Asian territories following suit in March 2014.

We don’t know whether the servers will be shutting down, but you can expect them to eventually, and similar announcements could be made in the future about Western territories, despite the release reading “Sony Computer Entertainment America and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe will continue to fully support their vibrant PlayStation®Home communities”.

PlayStation home never really kicked off like Sony had expected it to; it never became the social hub for gaming that we thought it might evolve into at first. And with the PS4 just months away, it’s easy to see why they’re saying goodbye.

Did it ever come out of beta?

Source: Press Release


  1. Did it get out of beta yet?

    • The last sentence of my article ;)

      • Heh.
        First thing I thought of when I read the headline too.

      • Oops, serves me right for skim-reading, sorry Blair.

  2. I was about to ask did it ever come out of beta? I enjoyed playing pool on it in the bowling place. It had potential to be great

  3. Home was the poster-child of Sonys issues during the first half of the PS3’s life.
    Fantastic idea and great concept, announced and pushed out the door incomplete and too early, and in the resulting corrective period many people just lost interest.
    If they had released home as they announced it, with the trophy cabinet and the war room, then it would have been far more popular.

  4. If they were to take it over onto the PS4 I think it would work a lot better. One problem I had with it is that it was never compatible with more than about two games and the interfaces were slow and clunky… Just needed a speed boost and some devs to show it some love.

    Near the time of the PS4’s unveiling, myself and Tomjakes started a line of people doing the running man in the home square. It was pretty good fun. :P :D

  5. Only ever used this to watch E3 that’s all. It takes forever to get into so not a loss here.

  6. Not surprising really, it never followed up on the early promises. Trophy cabinet sounded good.

  7. That’s a real shame, i’ll keep an eye out for something similar happening over here so i can nip in and get some final photos. If only it had turned out like GTA V Online.

  8. I have picked up many a men in home.

  9. it did have the potential to be great but every time I go into PS home I end up having to re download all the spaces and wait ages and tbh its just a bit boring which is a massive shame because I was so excited about it.

    • I’m with you on that…after the initial E3 demonstrations, it looked really good. Did it ever have the Virtual TV’s, Hi-F’s? that sort of thing?
      The downloading every time was sooooooo frustrating.

      Shame really. :0(

  10. Ahhhh – I still remember Xi and the Heavy Rain promotion.

    Both incredible, and both highlights of the PS3 generation. Haven’t really touched Home since then, other than the occasional laborious trawl through their ‘E3 booths’.

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