PlayStation Home Is Going To Be Getting Trophies This Week

PlayStation Home’s open beta started over five years ago in December 2008, bringing a virtual space people could hang out in, play chess, visit themed locations with their own activities, and buy virtual goods for their avatars and virtual homes. The service has been quietly running away and it is still pretty populated, which has to be the reason for the implementation of trophies coming this week as revealed by Chris Owen, Community Manager at PlayStation Europe.



Apparently they’ll also be retro active so expect some new trophies on Wednesday. No list has been revealed as of yet to what you’ll be able to earn trophies for, so I’m going to guess on a few. A welcome trophy for when you first enter Home, a bronze trophy for playing 10 games of chess, a silver one for visiting 10 different areas, and another one for decorating your home or earning various apparel for your avatar.

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  1. When I 1st read about this I got all excited thinking the Trophy Room was real. Now I’m sad again.
    Still, it’ll be nice for Crazy_dell to have something to do! Lol.

  2. Honeypot (bronze) – Dress your avatar as a female character and have 30+ male avatars buzzing around.
    ‘story related cannot be missed’


  3. The main problem with PS Home is that it’s entirely lacking in character and charm.

    The asinine, trendy mannequin Avatar surveys his digital real estate with cold, dead eyes before trying on the latest free teeshirt, alone in his apartment. His digital communicator goes off. It’s someone else talking to someone else in another language.

    The Avatar sighs a lonely sigh and heads to the cinema to watch a trailer he could have found much quicker on YouTube. At least I look good, he thinks to himself, and smiles. Or at least, he would smile, if his facial animation had made that possible. Instead, a digital grimace flickers across his visage.

    Maybe I’ll play some games, he thinks to himself before heading to the arcade. He plays a few things, competing with strangers in a game none of them care about. At the end of the day he walks slowly into the sea, soaking his new teeshirt in the process.

  4. Cool, an excuse to load Home up again, momentarily at least.

  5. I saw the Home logo and thought the story would be about how they are finally shutting it down.

    Nice surprise when reading the title. I might download it again. (I deleted it for space.)

  6. Wow memories of using home. Yes most are rubbish but I did get into Stereophonics SingStar competition where I had a virtual meet with Kelly and 1 of the other members of the band. I remember someone asking “What animal would you like to be?” And Kelly replying “A Dinosaur. So I could lick my big balls all day”. It did make me chuckle.

    I don’t know if I’ll ever download it again as PS home is boring.

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