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Microsoft’s Xbox Community Network have given us access to a huge interview they’ve conducted with the Codemasters team behind the upcoming F1 game. The full text of the interview is huge so rather than reproduce it here we’ve summarised a few bits and posted a few quotes with the full interview on the next page.

There are a couple of cagey responses when asked about “legacy” features (old tracks and cars). The Codies team are keen to point out that the official license is quite restrictive in what they can and can’t feature. They are also keen to point out, though, that because the license is such a prestigious and comprehensive one there should be plenty to do and some other interesting ways to shape the game around yourself.


you have a wide range of options from hot laps to 3 lap races, to full length Grand Prix career with full practice and qualifying sessions too.

…We’re not able to have customisation as almost all the content has to be officially licensed. That said, you will be able to put inject own personality into the game though – not just through your own racing style, car set up and so on but through press conferences, and interaction with fans, teammates and rivals. Your career will be affected on how you handle those interactions and it reflects the fact that there’s a lot more to being a F1 driver than just being the fastest on the track.

The damage models sound very comprehensive too, with Codies stating that there are options to have no damage at all or full impact and endurance damage including tyre management and engine wear. Apparently the FOM insist on 100% accuracy with game assets so the look and modelling on the cars should be totally authentic. The development team have had some access to the racing teams and they’re claiming that this game will see you get “closer to the experience of actually being a driver, rather than just racing the car”.

When questioned on the game’s AI the team are bullish, stating that each driver should drive to his real-world style as well as highlighting another clever AI implementation.

When you’re slipstreaming a human driver in an online race you’ll often see them drift about the track trying to break the tow. Our AI cars do this too… and when following you they’ll try and stay within the tow before overtaking at the end of the straight. Even having them just drift to block makes a big difference. We’ve got some grand plans for our AI in future versions of the game. This is merely the first step

Finally (for this summary, at least. There’s more in the full interview), the weather effects are touched upon with Codemasters saying that the weather effects will occur in real time with areas of the track becoming more saturated than others when it rains or drying out quicker if the sun comes out. This all has an effect on the car’s performance and your ability to race with the visibility in the spray making for “really tense experience”.

The full interview is on the next page so if you have a bit more time and you’re keen to hear more from the team developing the upcoming F1-licensed game then we suggest you get a nice cup of tea and settle down to a great read.

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  1. Really want this, Ive played F1:CE to death and this looks brilliant!

  2. I actually want this more than I want GT5…. There, I said it

  3. No demo = no purchase from me. GT5 and Need for Speed are my racers of choice this winter. F1 and WRC need to tempt me to buy them. Without demos they cant compete. Maybe I’ll get them next year when they are cheap.

  4. Agree with monkeyspoon. Codies has had quite a sketchy record with licenses; they haven’t done much justice to their Ashes/cricket ones, so I would hesitate to wait for this game. Just because it has a license doesn’t mean it’ll be a good game or whether they can handle it well enough: the development cycle for this game has been very scarce and short, compared to the dedication given to Gran Turismo, for example. What they have always said in their sports licenses like this is things like “this is the first step”, “we have further plans” and so on (like in Ashes Cricket), which they repeat here, meaning this won’t be a complete game and they’re aiming to release patches as yearly updates. This would greatly lessen the value and merit of the games, and certainly cannot compare to other series that have seen five-to-ten year development cycles and aren’t going to be just some yearly iterations.

    • I don’t know about their other types of games but when it comes to racing games Codies always do a great job.
      I’ve played (and enjoyed) every serious racing game from Codies since the first TOCA game and never been disappointed.

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