Dead Rising 2’s New Screens

To tie in with the big show in Cologne, Capcom have released asset packs for a few of their upcoming big hitters. I’ve got more screens for you all later but for now, here’s a bumper pack of images from the much-anticipated (I’ve played it, it was good) Dead Rising 2.

The game sets our hero, Chuck Greene, in a dystopian reality TV show in which he has to fight to stay alive. He’s fighting hordes of zombies. With improvised weapons made out of lawnmowers, chainsaws, motorbikes and old tat he finds lying all over the casino setting of the game.


Anyway, on to the screens. Looking good, eh?



  1. Or how about “Don some leather zombies and slap some chaps…”

    Kinky stuff – I’ll have some of that (without the chaps, of course). Or how about some chapettes – look, they can be zombies if you like, just so long as they are in leather and don’t dribble too much…

    As to the game/pictures above, it looks rather similar to Zombieland to me. Nothing wrong with that, so long as Emma Stone makes an appearance…!

  2. Image No. 9 – What The F***! Hahaha. Top outfit.

    • I was thinking exactly the same. Rather fetching i would say.

      • That’s my Autumn/Winter collection sorted out for this year.

      • What would Gok say

  3. Image No.4 – Holy shit!
    Image No. 7 – Where can I buy that guitar?

    • Image no.4 – Is that a water pistol with a fire extinguisher add-on?
      Image no. 7 – the future of guitar hero/rock band

      It’s going to be tough to decide between a wheelchair with machine guns or a leaf blower with spear attachment though. I’m hoping that the leaf blower will spear the zombies then blow blood everywhere. Surely.

  4. This is the craziest game i have ever seen. WHAT!

  5. Which version did you play? the 1st was 360 only so I’m worried the ps3 version may not be up to standards.

  6. Only played the 1st and seemed ok but a bit repetitive, hoping this can improve on that though. Is on my maybe list but the co-op could tempt me into buying.

  7. Water blaster mod? Awesome!

  8. This is on my most wanted list this year along with LBP2, GT5, MOH and AC: Brotherhood.

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