PS3 Mafia II Version “Inferior”

If you thought the days of sub-par PS3 ports of multi-platform games were over, bad news Sony fans, Mafia II on the Xbox 360 whacks its inferior PS3 cousin. At least when it comes to large pools of blood and grass, it seems.

This is according to Elizabeth Tobey, 2K’s Senior Manager of Interactive Marketing, who has confirmed on the company’s forum that, in the graphics department at least, the PS3 version does not perform as well as other editions of the game. She says:


“When designing Mafia II, we optimized for each of the three different systems the game would run on to make sure the core experience was the best it could be. Because of this, there are some differences from one platform to the next. In terms of the PS3 version, I wanted to clarify a couple points you have been asking about: There will not be highly detailed grass or large pools of blood, the cloth movement is less noticeable than, for example, the PC version, and the visual fidelity in the demo is generally representative of what you’ll see in the full game.

Our aim is to make a cohesive and immersive experience and optimize the game for each platform so that it could run its best. And while there are some differences between each version, I’m sure you’ll find that the core gameplay and the heart of Mafia II remains no matter whether you play on PS3, 360, or PC.”

Some people have expressed concerns about the recent PS3 demo, noting issues with frame-rate and other graphical aberrations compared to its 360 counterpart. From the above statement it would appear what’s presented in the demo is what we’ll be seeing in the final product, suggesting the 360 has the edge.

PS3 users will be getting the exclusive Betrayal of Jimmy DLC, of course, but will this be enough to assuage what is yet another sign that, even at this stage in this generation’s life-cycle, third-party developers are still struggling to get the most out of Sony’s black behemoth?

Who knows? Maybe a post-launch patch akin to what the publisher provided for BioShock is a possibility.

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  1. So basically, this translates to… “We built it on 360, but our devs are too retarded to actually TRY and make it look good on PS3 too, even though some of the most beautiful and technically advanced games this gen have managed to do so”


    • very well said ! Lazy bloody developers once again lining there pockets with microsoft dollars !

      • Lazy is the perfect word, really. It’s this kind of shit that separates the developers that truly deserve a pat on a back, from those who pump anything out for money.

      • well said. Wont be buying this then, if they can’t be bothered to make it decent for the ps3.

      • So again, MS being blamed for a developers short coming.

        What about that artcile even implies that MS (or it’s money) had anything to do with the PS3 version not being up to par?

        While i am dissapointed by this (i intended to get it for PS3 as i do with most single player games), I think the blame here should be directed at the developers, not the console maker that had nothing to do with the games development.

        Funny how no one blames Sony when a multiplat game looks better on PS3 (as rare as that may be). Or how no one is bitching about Sony securing exclusive content.

      • OBVIOUSLY Microsoft are not paying them to make the PS3 version worse. That’s just ridiculous fanboy talk. Comments like this make me feel that this site is going downhill sometimes.

        I agree that perhaps it is laziness on behalf of the devs but thinking that MS are paying 2K to make the 360 version better is simply stupid.

      • lazy?

        maybe you should try development before criticising others for being “lazy”. its not easy, at all. i’d know.

      • That’s great for you, but why should PS3 players be paying the same amount of money as 360 players for an inferior product? It must be possible, they just won’t put the effort in as the majority of game sales will likely be for the 360.

      • the 360 versions r usually better cause the ps3 is to hard to develop for. it’s a load of rubbish cause the ps3’s AAA games r so much better thn the 360 1’s…

    • +1

    • Spot on, Andy.

      We’ve already moved past the “it shouldn’t be happening any more” stage, as we’re now into the peak of the PS3’s lifecycle. If developers haven’t learnt by now it’s because they never really tried (if you ask me). Complacent and unprofessional is how they come across.

      • Unprofessional is the perfect way to describe devs like this

      • Or lazy as said above.

    • once again, that is exactly what happened. i doubt ill get Mafia 2 new, may get it in bargain bin later on down the line. if they cant be assed to work on the PS3 version, then i dont see why i should be forking cash to them on day one!?!? Im hoping the Crysis 2 team make the effort as its the only Multi-plat game i want

      • I agree with all the comments above!!! Lazy so and so’s!! There’s just no excuse for it anymore.

    • Disagree, I’m afraid.

      The PS3’s RSX is a bit underpowered in comparison to the 360 GPU, it’s processing power leads to a much lower ‘fill rate’
      The memory configuration means that more data needs streaming to it because unless programmed in a very time consuming way it can hold less in it than the 360’s

      According to Sony a couple of months ago, multiplatform titles sell up to 40% more copies on the 360

      Faced with the lower ‘fill rate’ the weird memory (but ultimately more power if you can just dedicate the resources to unlock it) and the potential of lower sales, what is a 3rd party supposed to do?

      a) Put a great deal of man-hours into optimising The Cell further still to take some of the workload off the RSX. This will lead to at least platform parity, or maybe clear advantages to the PS3 version. The game exists to make a profit for its publishers, the manhours required for parity may endanger this profit on the title and therefore jeopardise the publishers and developers ability to stay in business, or at the very least make future games for the platform.

      b) Go ahead making a special exception and sink vast amounts of resources into the PS3 version with the aim of achieving parity, probably leading to a delay on the platform, but certainly leading to lower margins again endangering the devs/pubs future ability on the platform.

      c) Release products as they are, without delay in just as playable format, albeit, often without anti-aliasing and replacing AA with a slightly blurred edges & a smudged look, more dropped frames, more torn frames, fewer things on screen, and what is on screen to have less visual fidelity. but make it so as these things have close to zero impact on players as possible.

      Option C is the route nearly all devs have taken, because without the massive backing of Sony for titles like Uncharted2, Killzone2, God Of War 3 and of course GT5, option A (the one we all want, yes, including me) just ain’t going to happen.

      • What they should do is open a dialogue with Sony and tell them what’s going wrong. It’s something Sony will be painfully aware of but it’ll always be good for devs/publishers to approach Sony. They need to hear this. Again and again. Also, publishers and devs need to realise that the PS3 is going to be a profitable source of income for a good few years yet. Instead of working on projects with a compartmentalised mentality, they need to realise that time invested into the intricacies of the PS3 will undoubtedly stand them in better stead for future projects. Not just that but they will then be recognised as one of the fabled few that can really harness the PS3’s power. Sure, it might cost a bit more the first time around but after that, every new project means they hit the ground running.

        Actually, you know what, matey… I reckon having UC2/GoW3 graphics in the likes of Mafia II means far better sales. Why? Because all multi-console owners will look to the PS3 for the version of choice. If they sold 100,000 more copies they might make an extra $5 per copy. That’s half a million dollars return. More than enough to sit the devs down and get them to learn new ways of thinking.

      • I presume, thats what Rockstar are doing with Agent.

        Making a AAA title and making it exclusive to get unparalleled support from Sony, the learnings of this will then cross pollinate to other projects.

        That is undoubtedly the way forward, I just can’t see it happening for sub-AAA titles, not in this world of declining game sales.

        Anyway, the format wars of 2011 is going to be Google games vs Facebook games, I fucking hate Facebook – so I’m setting my stall out on Google now ;)

      • Well look at what Bizarre did with Blur, they modified their engine so they could do alot of the rendering (I think it was lighting in particular) on the PS3 SPUs hence giving the RSX some headroom. In the end both those games came out looking remarkably similar.

        I’m sorry but there are teams out there who know how to make their games work on both systems so it is nothing less than disappointing when sub-par releases still happen.

        Also these developers are surprisingly open about how they achieve this, just look up some GDC interviews, developer roundtables or even game postmortems and you should get more than enough tips on the right approach.

        I will still be getting Mafia 2 on the PS3 but it may be the first game I actually trade in.

      • Well EA have gone and made the PS3 their lead platform for their biggest games, so maybe that is an option D. We cant judge how well that has worked though (and we dont know how much it has cost them in time and money) until the games are actually released and compared. They should definately be at least as good as the 360 version though. Its the porting over from 360 to PS3 thats causing the bad quality.

      • “According to Sony a couple of months ago, multiplatform titles sell up to 40% more copies on the 360”

        This was specifically in reference to sales only within the US. Worldwide, many recent multiplatform hits have sold more on the PS3, including RE5, SF4, Batman: Arkham Asylum, FFXIII, FIFA 10 etc… Even Bayonetta, with all its problems on the PS3, has apparently sold more on the PS3.

      • yeah, you can cherry pick a couple of titles but looking at annual software sales (in MS’ & Sony’s end of year reporting) as well as monthly reported figures, what the Sony rep said was largely correct

      • I ‘cherry picked’ several of the top selling games of last year. If you think I’m wrong, give me a list of titles that sold 40% more on the 360 then.

      • 40%! what should this number be when MS had a better way of stopping the pirating of their console..

    • +2

    • Meh, Mafia 1 is a masterpiece. Even if this ran like a dream, still not worth a purchase.

    • pretty much yeah the lazy *******

    • I had it per-ordered and paid off but I was still kind of on the fence about actually going through with it, and the demo didn’t sway me too much either. However this news pushed me off the fence into changing my pre-order to Dead Rising 2 instead. Sorry 2K, I know you don’t give a crap about one lost sale but you’re not getting my cash.

    • Good point, actually. Not capable of programming for PS3 = don’t try to sell shovelware for it.

  2. Let the battle commence !!
    ‘Ps3 is better look at god of war ….. No Xbox is better look at Halo …. Whine …winge..and so on

    • fanboyism doesn’t exist on here. It’s frowned upon so it should be ok :)

    • Its okay some can live with it….

  3. usually sales numbers show that the average customer doesn’t care.

  4. Red Dead Redemption all over again
    Less stuff on screen, and what is on screen is of a lower visual fidelity.
    So pretty much the same as every multi-platform release

    • Yeah, and Red Dead Redemption being visually inferior on PS3 didn’t stop me putting 4 days into it. Graphics aren’t everything and all that.

      Altohugh I’ll probably end up getting this on PC.

    • to be honest RDR was fine for me if I was missing out never felt that way.

      • Exactly the same never encountered one problem and not at one point did i feel i was getting ripped off.

  5. Uh, as with any multi-format title, I’ll be picking this up on PS3 and enjoying it.
    This sort of thing doesn’t bother me in the slightest, I get more upset when there’s no goats milk left in the fridge.

  6. More lazy devs. There are many games on ps3 that are much better looking than the 360 version of Mafia 2. There is no reason at all why both versions couldn’t look exactly the same.

  7. If they’d optimised it for best performance on each console, then ps3 would look the best, so clearly that’s a lie.

    • It certainly wouldn’t look inferior, that’s for god damn sure

  8. BOYCOTT!!!!!

  9. “the visual fidelity in the demo is generally representative of what you’ll see in the full game.”

    Well the demo had some of the worst graphics this year so yeah. At least I don’t have to buy the game now.

  10. Argh, this again… I’m gonna enjoy the game no matter what (as I have preordered) but still, an annoyance that they don’t spend the time optimizing to serve all platforms equally.
    I just know it’s gonna nag at me in the back of my head, like the cheap ass “slices of grass” textures did in RDR.

    • pre-ordered mine
      having doubts whether to cancel or not

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