Swedish Retailer Lists GTA V

Last we heard, Grand Theft Auto V was going to be set in Hollywood, the land of cameras, fluffy dogs, footprints and Joey.  Sadly, Rockstar haven’t mentioned anything official yet, but we’re hoping that someone got told something at Gamescom and the leaks will start, well, leaking.  Big fans, you see – somebody buy Rockstar a few pints…


In the meantime, that hasn’t stopped Swedish retailer Webhallen from listing the game.  For a shade under 600 krona you can pre-order the game which the shop claims will be out in the rather vague ‘2011’.  We’d prehaps suggest holding off just yet, chances are there’ll be some ridiculous mega special car jacking edition for an extra 600.

Eyes and ears on Cologne, then.

Thanks, PSLS.



  1. Bought every single GTA, so this is a sure buy for me. I wanted set in Europe though, or the Caribbean even.

    • Ow and nofi, that’s some really good detective work there, finding this one =)

  2. Obviously going to appear this week, rumour or not

  3. Im sorry but its just a swedish retailer trying to jump the gun for pre-orders ! Idiots …….. I hope gta v is announced soon just completed bogt and latd bored now !!

    • And how many times have foreign retailers let slip of games? grand theft auto episodes of liberty city? PSN cards? that’s all I can think of right now…

      • Ohh i got another one, special edition of gran turismo 5, and the god of war remakes?

      • Yes, but retailers put up crappy listings all the time. I haven’t checked recently, but I know GAME still had listings for Eight Days and The Getaway until a few weeks back.

  4. Maybe something is gonna appear formally….

    Who knows…..

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