Hands On: Star Wars: TFU II

From high atop my vantage point I peer into the chasm below, watching as the Tie Fighters buzz around and the Storm Troopers go about their business.  Little do they know that in 30 seconds they will be dead.

I dive from the top of the tower – wind screaming past my face – and that’s when I notice there are platforms blocking my descent.  Using the power of Force Push I decimate this platform and any other that gets in my way.  This attracts the attention of the Tie Fighters, but they are no match for my Force Lightening.

The glass ceiling arrives faster than anticipated, but I punch straight through and hit the ground – causing a shockwave that extinguishes all life within a 20m radius.  Surveying the scene of destruction I am satisfied, and move forward to the next room.

Beyond the door stands a solitary Trooper – hardly worth the effort.  I decide to use my Jedi mind control, which drives him insane and he kills himself by jumping through the window to the ground below.  A most useful power.

Jumping down after him, a crowd of Troopers have gathered – it’s time to go to work.  Igniting my twin red Lightsabers I attack with a speed and ferocity missing from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.  So begins an almost balletic display as Lightsabers spin and twirl – with a hum that is like music to my ears.  I am the only one left standing – and I move on.

The next area is more troublesome – some of the Troopers have staffs and are blocking my attacks.  They can’t block my mind though, so I use mind control once again.  One of the Troopers kills himself by running into an energy field, the other guns down the rest of his comrades in confusion.  Once he is finished I use the force to pick him up and toss him aside.  These are merely Pawns in a game of chess I’ve already won.

I assume I’ve cleared the area, but I’m wrong.  A hulking metal beast appears with a huge shield – nullifying my attacks.  I quite like that shield, so using the power of the Force I rip it from the beast, and smash it in the face with it.  The beast has more tricks though, and tries to encase me in ice.  Feeling decidedly peeved, I combine my Lightsaber attacks with my Force powers to create electrically charged slashes, and an uppercut infused with Force Push.  Beasty dealt with, I saunter onwards.

Walking along a glass walled corridor I hear the shriek of an engine as a gunship appears and makes a bee line for me.  Using my dash I stay one step ahead as the gunship decimates all behind me.

I enter the final area and spy a grounded Tie Fighter – my means of escape!  Alas it’s guarded by two Imperial AT-STs, and my path is also blocked by a large tower.  Using the Force, I  grab passing Tie Fighters and ram them into the tower, causing it to collapse.

I approach the AT-STs with caution – they show no such fear though and attack.  Clicking down both analogue sticks puts me in a state of rage where I’m surrounded by pulsing energy and my attacks are stronger and deal much more damage.  My enemies fall, raining debris onto the ground.

The door behind me slides open and out steps Lord Vader himself.  I run to the Tie Fighter and flee.  I’ll come back though – and you should too.


  1. Nice! :D

  2. I wathced Star Wars last night – should of really gone to sleep instead.

    I never got into the first game. I only did around 1/4 of it and gave up and I was looking forward to it ever since they showed the tech demos of the star trooper being flung around.

    Hopefully there’ll be a demo released of this one

  3. I think this game will be ten times better than the first!!!!

    • Oh yes, I didn’t want the demo to end.

  4. I loved the first game, so i’m looking forward to this! :)

  5. Very nice article! I cant wait for this game, the teaser’s for it have been very impressive in my opinion. Any info on when this demo or another might appear on the PSN, if ever?

    • They would be fools not to release one!

  6. quite an amusing article Dan I like it, well done :) Decimate though means reduce by a tenth, not destroy.

    • Well you learn something new every day! I tip my hat to you!

  7. ooooo

  8. 10/10 now I will wait patiently with the force….

    Another game that i want which i can’t afford. When is the release date for this game?

  10. I expect they will release a demo on psn late sept to early oct. It might be at eurogamer expo too. The demo booths at SW5 were on PS3 so no sign of a dodgy port. I believe it leads on PS3.

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