Castle Crashers Hitting US PSN August 31st

We’ve known since May that former XBL-only Castle Crashers would be making its comical side-scrolling way to the PSN. Now we have a date. Well, a US one, the EU equivalent still a tightly guarded secret. US players will get their hands on the new and improved (an oxymoron by the way, something can’t be both new and improved) version on August 31st. As for when us European fortress smashers will get satisfaction, developers The Behemoth mentioned the following on their official forum:

“We don’t have a date yet for EU, but we’re in submission and things are going well. The regions are just all proceeding at different rates. We’ll definitely update when we have a date!”

400 quatloos on sometime over the next couple of months.

Source: Official US PlayStation Blog (Thanks Gernboes)



  1. Finally, someone points out the oxymoron. :)
    Stuff like that bothers me a lot.
    I can’t wait for this game!

    • *points at Kovacs*


      Oh, OXY moron.. sorry…

  2. Must get Castle Crashers…

  3. Looking forward to this. Any news on a price? How many MS points is it?

    • Around the $15 mark. So probably £9.99/€12.99 (ish)

  4. hmmm but the iphone 4 is new and improved? or does it have to be brand spanking new?
    might give this game a go if there’s a demo.

  5. New and Improved, yes, potentially oxymoronic, specially in this case.
    But when talking about a series of products, a release can be a new version and also improved over the previous version…

    Castle Crashers, since it’s not a new game, can’t be New and Improved, but Killzone 3 can be New and Improved.

    • I award you a degree in gramatical correctness :)
      clap clap clap!

  6. old news but good news. Until its released in australia ill just have to continue in 100%ing scott pilgrim vs the world

    Hope the delay isn’t to large, and the price not more than AU$20

  7. Played this on 360 and loved it :)

  8. Never played this so not huge news to me. I will probably buy it but there are other games on the store that i need to purchase first.

  9. I shall wait until its on PSN+ – same every PSN release these days.

  10. Good news, can’t be too far away from the EU service then.

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